Star & Stork

Star and Stork


#16 - The Stars

The Stars card is generally indicative of technology and computers. It may describe cell phones, computers, or a change in advancing technology for you or someone else. It may be specific towards you or general to your business, office, home, or the whole civilization. It may indicate navigation, a new path or trail, or some kind of clear skies and smooth passage ahead. It can also indicate transparency, clarity, or the sky becoming clear and every star in the sky becoming visible. It directly refers to astrology and being able to see the sky. It may also refer to natural talent, superstars, talent competitions, and rising celebrities or stars. Magicians and geniuses are referenced by the stars card. This card, and the stars, are most often associated with the color silver. It may also be indicating the north, as in the north star, or the directional star on a compass or map. It may point to technology ahead, a smooth journey ahead, or a clear path with the navigation and plan completely in place. It may refer to reaching for the stars and your journey to fame, genius, and accolades. For some people, the stars card could be referring to the skin, treatment, medication, or healing. In some cases it may reference radiation, chemotherapy, or any technological advances in medicine. Relish the stars card, as it generally means that the skies are going to part for you soon to succeed. Everything will become clear to you all at once, and all of the things that you have been doing to advance your craft will not have been for nothing. All of the hard work is about to manifest itself for you and you will soon find your path to greatness. There is nothing but a rise to the top ahead for you.

#17 - The Stork

The symbol of the stork, often pictured in the cartoon form as a giant bird flying through the sky with a grin on his face and a baby bundle hanging from a stick he carries in his mouth, is very commonly associated with babies, having children, finding out you are pregnant, and other such dramatic news of maternity, or additions to the family. The stork has long been associated with this because of old wives tales and nursery rhymes where women tell their children that babies come from storks, who deliver the children to their new homes. Thinking about what this means with more fluidity, the stork card could indicate that a positive addition of any kind will be entering the home. This could be a new roommate, a family member visiting from out of town, a new piece of furniture, or even some construction or remodeling of the home or workspace. It could be a piece of good news that’s being delivered, perhaps even from far away, or even a very important, expensive, or fragile package that’s on it’s way. It may indicate an improvement in health, or a change in the reading of a medical test. It could be describing an upcoming promotion at work. It could also indicate a recovery from some type of addiction, a relocation, new home, new apartment, or anything that might yield or prompt a brand new chance at life or outlook at life. It is the chance to either start your life anew, start your adult life at 18, or have a chance at a rebirth or redo in life. The colors most often associated with storks are baby pink or baby blue. Baby blue especially is indicative of the sky, and the phrase the sky’s the limit — there’s no coincidence that storks bring their news through the air.

Star & Stork Pairing

When the Star and the Stork are seen together it usually means that there is a new and exciting chapter about to begin in your life. The Stork in this case refers to a new beginning and the Star is referring to your personal achievements. You may be changing to a new career path that happens to be more of a career you have always wanted instead of one you settled for. For instance, you may have been working in the service industry because you have a passion for cooking and baking. The card pairing would suggest that maybe you’ve now decided to take that leap and open your own bakery so you can begin to live your dream as a baker. Maybe you started out in the company of your dreams on the bottom level and now you are moving into the position at work that you always wanted. Whatever your passion may be, you may be on your way to making a dream a reality in this new life chapter.


The Star is represented by the number 16, and the Stork is represented by the number 17. When we combine them we get the number 33. Since 33 is not a single digit we then add 3 + 3 to get the number 6.

The Number 6

The number six is usually associated with six years when it relates to the cards. Six can also express the letter F, the month of June, 6 o’clock, or Saturday. 6 is often related to the mother as it inspires feelings of family, protection, love, balance, and responsibility. It is considered one of the more harmonious numbers. It can be the glue that keeps people or communities together. The 6 is a big part of the pairing of the Book and the Ring because it may offer a time frame in regards to a contract, as in when it begins, ends, duration or the time it is put into effect and 6 could be months, minutes, days or years If your divined numbers include the number six,you must take seriously your responsibilities of protection, love, balance, and family. You must know your talents and know your weaknesses in order to be able to succeed.

Action Items for Today

Do not be afraid to take on more responsibilities or projects. The reward is worth the time spent and efforts you make. If the projects and responsibilities seem to large to handle, break them down into smaller, more manageable parts. Take things one step at a time and make a plan. You will find that the burden will seem less and the projects will meet completion faster than you planned.Time to dig deep into your heart to identify your true passions. If you always wanted to paint, sculpt or explore in woodworking, now is the time to make room for that hobby in your life. If your passions are with your career it is time for you to really look at your situation closely and make those moves that get you closer to your dreams. The number 6 is attached to this reading showing that you will be inspired to make those moves this month.


“I will not let fear of failure get in the way of my heart’s true desires. I will be ready when the opportunity to take the path I have always wanted to take presents itself to me. I am confident in my strengths and abilities and I know that they will make me shine as I get closer to my goals.” Repeat this affirmation 2 to 3 times daily.

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