Ring & Bouquet

Ring and Bouquet


#25 - Ring

A ring is the shape of a circle, basically, it’s as simple as that. This is not a complicated symbol. It is a symbol in the shape of a circle, with no beginning and no end. It continues upon itself forever. Although there is no reference to what a ring is made of in its definition, throughout culture, we have attached a metallic feel to the ring, that it must be constructed in metal in order to be a ring. The symbol of a ring has also gained romantic symbolism, possibly because of it’s eternal shape and powerful role in ceremonies of marriage and anniversary. A ring is the symbol that one gives when proposing marriage, rings are traded when the marriage ceremony occurs, and often given as anniversary gifts. Rings are often inscribed with the initials of lovers or a special date, like the name of a child, wedding date, or birthdate. Rings are seen hand and hand with love, and have very special meaning and symbolism. You would never give a ring as a gift to a person for whom you did not have some kind of romantic interest, unless it was a family member, heirloom, or some other kind of special circumstance. Rings are not just for anyone in your life. Rings are forever, and a symbol, basically, of eternity, or eternal love.

A ring is the symbol of a marriage, of a contract, it is a bond. It can also be seen as an asset, as rings are predominantly cast in precious metals of platinum, gold, or silver, and adorned in diamonds or precious gemstones. Thinking of a ring might lead a person to the idea of a jeweler, protection, a safe, a vault, or assets in general. As health is concerned, the ring can call into question the systems that make a circle upon themselves. The vascular system, or lymphatic system, for example, are systems in the body that start where they begin, and must continue to function in this manner for us to live. The ring usually invokes the colors gold or silver. The timing that a ring indicates is forever. In the popular movie trilogy “The Lord of The Rings”, based on a series of books written in the 1950’s, the entire series revolves around the main characters coming across a ring with mythical and magical powers, and what they must do to keep it out of the hands of evil, forever.

#9 - The Bouquet

The Bouquet or symbol of flowers, may be representative of something new blooming. Life may be about to change, and you may be getting a fresh start. It’s no coincidence that flowers are presented as gifts for funerals, and also brought to many first dates as a gift for the person wished to enter the new romantic relationship. Flowers are an amazing symbol of rebirth, something is about to grow. Often times flowers are brought when meeting new people, such as the mother of someone you may have started a relationship with, a teacher, or new boss or administrative assistant. Flowers are sent to the hospital for people who have undergone illness or surgery, as a sign that they will heal quickly and get well soon. Flowers also have the ability to cheer people up. They may give life, in both a practical, and a spiritual way. Flowers come from the ground, and they are given life as soon as the seed is planted. This is a very fragile life, and the flower risks being compromised by storms, rain, bees, birds, bugs, small animals like dogs and cats, or even humans. They can be stepped on, picked, or allowed to die by feeble gardeners. Just like life, flowers can be gorgeous in full bloom, but very fragile as well. Their beauty can be fleeting. Flowers generally represent a variety of colors, or something that is very colorful and beautiful. They can refer to hair, makeup, beauty, a face-lift, or some kind of spa, hair salon, or beauty salon as well. Other meanings for flowers are gifts, either spiritual or physical, or the gift of grace.

Ring & Bouquet Pairing

When the Ring and Bouquet cards are featured together it means that a new commitment is around the horizon. This may be a lover saying “I love you for the first time, or that a new romance is right around the corner. Although the new commitment doesn't have to be romantic, (it could be a new pet, new job, new city or living situation for example), it more than likely is regarding a romance blooming.


The Ring is represented by the number 25, and the Bouquet is represented by the number 9. When we combine them we get the number 34. Since 34 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 3 + 4 to get the number 7.

The Number 7

Seven is often considered lucky. Many people choose to get employ dates with 7’s as their anniversary or wedding dates. Recently, 07/07/07 was a big wedding day where hundreds of thousands of couples got married all over the world. You also see lucky number 7 on casino advertisements and as a winning spin on slot machines. In time, 7 can refer to the 7th day, 7th month, or 7 years. Or also combinations of years, like 2017.

The number 7 hopefully indicates that your financial news will be good, but it may also indicate 7 days until the news, or 7 weeks, or 7 months. This could be the time that your investments have been waiting to take off, or the time it takes for the financial news to get to you. 7 may be in the numbers of the investment itself or it could be 7 years of investing that got you to where you are able to put the investment towards something new.

Action Items for Today

Be on the lookout for new opportunities. Think of spring when love is in the air everywhere and apply that feeling and sensation to your present life. If you look at everything with wonderment and amazement you’ll find yourself with a brand new and potential adventure.


"I will be open to new love and adventure and I know that if I keep an open and positive mind I will have amazing opportunities for new experiences.” Repeat this 2 to 3 times daily.

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