Ring & Coffin

Ring and Coffin


#25 - Ring

A ring is the shape of a circle, basically, it’s as simple as that. This is not a complicated symbol. It is a symbol in the shape of a circle, with no beginning and no end. It continues upon itself forever. Although there is no reference to what a ring is made of in its definition, throughout culture, we have attached a metallic feel to the ring, that it must be constructed in metal in order to be a ring. The symbol of a ring has also gained romantic symbolism, possibly because of it’s eternal shape and powerful role in ceremonies of marriage and anniversary. A ring is the symbol that one gives when proposing marriage, rings are traded when the marriage ceremony occurs, and often given as anniversary gifts. Rings are often inscribed with the initials of lovers or a special date, like the name of a child, wedding date, or birthdate. Rings are seen hand and hand with love, and have very special meaning and symbolism. You would never give a ring as a gift to a person for whom you did not have some kind of romantic interest, unless it was a family member, heirloom, or some other kind of special circumstance. Rings are not just for anyone in your life. Rings are forever, and a symbol, basically, of eternity, or eternal love

A ring is the symbol of a marriage, of a contract, it is a bond. It can also be seen as an asset, as rings are predominantly cast in precious metals of platinum, gold, or silver, and adorned in diamonds or precious gemstones. Thinking of a ring might lead a person to the idea of a jeweler, protection, a safe, a vault, or assets in general. As health is concerned, the ring can call into question the systems that make a circle upon themselves. The vascular system, or lymphatic system, for example, are systems in the body that start where they begin, and must continue to function in this manner for us to live. The ring usually invokes the colors gold or silver. The timing that a ring indicates is forever. In the popular movie trilogy “The Lord of The Rings”, based on a series of books written in the 1950’s, the entire series revolves around the main characters coming across a ring with mythical and magical powers, and what they must do to keep it out of the hands of evil, forever.

#8 - Coffin

The coffin is often thought to be a symbol representing death, or representing upcoming or awaiting death. It can also be descriptive of an eternal resting place This eternal resting place may be for you personally, one of your organs (especially the small intestine or anus), or your employment status. The coffin card could also indicate pending bankruptcy or upcoming unemployment. The coffin can also be a symbol that our dreams and hopes will be laid to rest because we are not acting on them, and are therefore letting them die. We may be refusing to act because of a fear, and therefore losing out on something. For example, we may not take a trip for fear of flying or traveling or we may not go on dates for a fear of rejection. Our phobias and hang ups may be ruining our ability to live the most fulfilling life. By giving in to our fears and griefs, we are setting ourselves up for a lifetime of feeling trapped, buried alive. We need to lift the coffin door and expose ourselves to sunlight to seize the day and make our dreams come true. The coffin can also indicate waste, or trash, which could signify something like a failed business opportunity or failed draft of a book or novel. It may also signify the feeling that you are wasting your life, or letting opportunities pass you by. The coffin symbol is most often associated with the color black. It can describe a stagnant, lifeless, motionless feeling

The coffin symbol as number 8 makes sense, as the 8 is the closest number to the infinity symbol, which is often pictured as a sideways 8. Infinite and eternal, these numbers can be closely related when thought of in that sense. Ideas that are not acted upon are ultimately laid to infinite res

Ring & Coffin Pairing

When the Ring and Coffin are combined, there are multiple meanings. It could mean the death of a committed relationship or even the death of a lover or someone whom you have committed to.


The Ring is represented by the number 25, and the Coffin is represented by the number 8. When we combine them we get the number 33. Since 33 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 3 + 3 to get the number 6.

The Number 6

The number six is usually associated with six years when it relates to the cards. Six can also express the letter F, the month of June, 6 o’clock, or Saturday. 6 is often related to the mother as it inspires feelings of family, protection, love, balance, and responsibility. It is considered one of the more harmonious numbers. It can be the glue that keeps people or communities together

Action Items for Today

Be aware of your lovers needs and make sure you are doing everything you can for them at this time. Be aware of their health and also of their actions and make sure that you validate them whenever possible and resist blaming them. This relationship can be saved if you are diligent about it and committed to your love and the relationship itself.


"I will do everything that I can do for my love as I know that they would do the same for me. I will cherish and honor them and be by their side no matter what, even in times of despair.” Repeat this affirmation 2 to 3 times daily.

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