Letter & Crossroad

Letter and Crossroad


#27 - Letter

The letter card is denoted with the symbol of an envelope, sealed up, containing some type of letter. This could mean that you’re about to get some kind of written communication, probably delivered via postal mail, in your mailbox. This envelope could contain a wedding invitation, newsletter, newspaper article, letter, greeting card, or thank you card. It could even be cash, check, credit card, or gift card, or some kind of financial windfall. In unusual circumstances, the letter could be certified and could contain a legal notice, lawsuit information, a will, physical evidence, or some kind of paper trial. It could be some kind of ballot or vote that you have to cast. It could contain pictures from an old friend. It could even be representative of electronic communication like electronic mail, text message, or some kind of video message that you will be receiving.

A letter might also indicate that the location of the event that will happen may be a post office, mail box, mail room, study, office, or somewhere else that letters and correspondence are issued every day. It may also indicate someone in a writing possession or postal service profession. Health wise, this card could indicate medical labs or tests, and the reports received from diagnostic testing. It could even be referencing a physician’s prescription pads, X-Ray film, sick notes for an excuse from work or school, or any other kind of medical writing or correspondence. The colors generally associated with this card are black and white, the standard colors of writing.

#22 - Crossroad, Path, Road

The cross road could be a fork in the road, a place where the path is unclear, a marking on a map, or any other kind of junction or turning point. This card indicates that you have reached the point in your life where there are multiple options and a decision needs to be made. Literally, it may be referencing a trail, path to your home, favorite exploration spot as a child, or some kind of local trip or walk you enjoy. It may also mean a driveway, highway, road, or passageway that you frequent that is important to you now for some reason. It’s important to notate that this generally indicates a path or trail that is close to home. Within walking distance or a short day’s trip of driving distance. The ship or bird indicate much further distances, the path is local. It may even refer to your own body, or what’s inside. As it pertains to your health, the path card could be referencing that you need tests, or that you have conflicting results. You may have a second opinion from another physician or specialist. You might have conflicting treatment options and you may be confused about which course of action is best. This could be frustrating as our health is obviously very important but medical advice and diagnoses are often hard to understand and wrap our minds around. Typically the path happens within 2 months. The most important thing to understand about the path is that it is your decision, and yours alone, and it is the grace of your free will that will allow you to make this decision. It will be a difficult one, so do not look upon it lightly, but it will be one that will set you free and a slow you to see life from a completely different perspective It will allow you to lead a plentiful and abundant life, and one that could provide you joys that you never knew you dreamed of.

Letter & Crossroad Pairing

When Letter and Crossroad are combined generally this means that you’ll have to make an important decision between two critical choices, and the choices may be presented to you in paper format. This may be choosing a new place to live, retirement plan options, or even a pending marriage or civil union.


The Letter is represented by the number 27, and the Crossroad is represented by the number 22. When we combine them we get the number 49. Since 49 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 4 + 9 to get the number 13. Then we again add 1 + 3 to get 4.

The Number 4

The number four goes very well with a home. There are four walls to every home, four sides to every window, four corners to every property. Without four, nothing would be complete. Four is a base, a stable base. It’s required to have four sides when you’re making a box, or building a house of cards. You need four legs on your desk or table or chair. Four holds things up, holds things together. You may double date in fours, but three’s a crowd. Five people results in a fifth wheel. Four is one of the most fundamental numbers that there can be, and without it, everything that we’ve built falls down. Four can also mean four days, four weeks, four months, four years. It can also symbolize that something will happen in the month of April. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have done a lot of things according to the number 4, which is very important to them. Both of their birthdays are on the 4th, and their wedding anniversary is 4-4 — they even have IV wedding ring tattoos. Beyoncé also has an album named 4, and has released albums on dates with four or adding up to four. Finally, their daughter Blue Ivy, is named a first name with 4 letters and a second name Ivy as a shout out to the roman numeral four.

When it comes to the Letter and the Crossroad, the number 4 is relating to how much of a big deal this decision is-- it could shake the very foundation of your life, and will affect everything going forward. Tread carefully.

Action Items for Today -- Be on the lookout for any important paper correspondence. Read everything carefully and don’t make any rash decisions. Decisions made in this week will affect the course of the rest of your life. You may even choose to talk this decision over with a spouse or loved one, or counselor, and may decide to sleep on it or take several days deciding. This is a wise decision.

Affirmation --“I will take extreme caution with decisions I have to make this week as I know that they will be difficult, and this is for good reason. I will meditate, consider, and discuss each and every option carefully .” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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