Ring & Clover

Ring and Clover


#25 - Ring

A ring is the shape of a circle, basically, it’s as simple as that. This is not a complicated symbol. It is a symbol in the shape of a circle, with no beginning and no end. It continues upon itself forever. Although there is no reference to what a ring is made of in its definition, throughout culture, we have attached a metallic feel to the ring, that it must be constructed in metal in order to be a ring. The symbol of a ring has also gained romantic symbolism, possibly because of it’s eternal shape and powerful role in ceremonies of marriage and anniversary. A ring is the symbol that one gives when proposing marriage, rings are traded when the marriage ceremony occurs, and often given as anniversary gifts. Rings are often inscribed with the initials of lovers or a special date, like the name of a child, wedding date, or birthdate. Rings are seen hand and hand with love, and have very special meaning and symbolism. You would never give a ring as a gift to a person for whom you did not have some kind of romantic interest, unless it was a family member, heirloom, or some other kind of special circumstance. Rings are not just for anyone in your life. Rings are forever, and a symbol, basically, of eternity, or eternal love

A ring is the symbol of a marriage, of a contract, it is a bond. It can also be seen as an asset, as rings are predominantly cast in precious metals of platinum, gold, or silver, and adorned in diamonds or precious gemstones. Thinking of a ring might lead a person to the idea of a jeweler, protection, a safe, a vault, or assets in general. As health is concerned, the ring can call into question the systems that make a circle upon themselves. The vascular system, or lymphatic system, for example, are systems in the body that start where they begin, and must continue to function in this manner for us to live. The ring usually invokes the colors gold or silver. The timing that a ring indicates is forever. In the popular movie trilogy “The Lord of The Rings”, based on a series of books written in the 1950’s, the entire series revolves around the main characters coming across a ring with mythical and magical powers, and what they must do to keep it out of the hands of evil, forever.

#2 - Clover

The clover card depicts the symbol of a three leaf clover, four leaf clover, or sometimes an entire patch of clover. We’re used to seeing the symbolism of clover in our society, so it should be no surprise to you that this symbol stands for luck. Examples of this symbol can be seen everywhere in modern society, including Good Luck Bear, the Care Bear cartoon character that is a bear with a green four leaf clover on his belly, and just about any St. Patrick’s Day, Luck of the Irish, or Leprechaun illustration. Trefoil is another name for the clover. You can also see the quatrefoil, a four petaled clover, as an ancient symbol has been popping up throughout fashion in such brands as Van Cleef & Arpels, for example. The quatrefoil reached a peak popularity in the Gothic and Renaissance eras, both in design and architecture, but it really began to be seen much earlier, in the earliest of Mayan communities. Even then it was a good luck symbol, of rain to come, and fertile lands. This clover indicates that you will soon come across a good deal of luck and fortune. It could be referring to luck in a spiritual sense, or it could be referring to the more standard luck definition of physical assets, money, or fame.

This pairing means you will soon be lucky in love! This might be a new romantic interest, a new proposal, or you may have found the love of your life! Be completely appreciative, because not everyone will find their one true perfect match, and fewer still will have the honor of that person commiting.

Ring & Clover Pairing

This pairing means you will soon be lucky in love! This might be a new romantic interest, a new proposal, or you may have found the love of your life! Be completely appreciative, because not everyone will find their one true perfect match, and fewer still will have the honor of that person commiting.


The Ring is represented by the number 25, and the Clover is represented by the number 2. When we combine them we get the number 27. Since 27 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 2 + 7 to get the number 9.

The Number 9

The number 9 can be symbolic of the 9th month, the 9th year, day, or week. It also may refer to the letter I, the 9th letter. It can indicate the 9th hour or 9th minute as well. As children, 9 is proven to be a magical number in schools and summer camps when we learn math. It is number that everyone bragged about learning multiplication tables on their fingers, or with a deck of cards, and 9 always comes through for the mathematical win. You can multiply 9 by any number, get a result, add that result number’s digits together, and the resulting answer is always a 9. It’s a favorite number of magicians and tv tricksters to guess what number you’re thinking. Do you know what your own personal magic numbers are? Interestingly, in society, we use the number 9 sometimes to refer to multiple chances at life— such as a cat’s “9 lives”. Just like a cat gets another chance at life, so does a re-planted flower, or re-soiled seed. It’s up to you to not waste your chance at another life, a recovery from an illness, a near-death experience, or a new love. Similarly, a “cat-o-9-tails” can be a sign of punishment, or atonement, and perhaps eventually a second chance. To be on “cloud 9” is also a very good thing in the American culture. 9 is considered a good number in Chinese culture because it sounds similar to the word for “long lasting.” In Greek culture, there are 9 Muses who are responsible for bringing all of the good things into the world, like art, dance, and poetry. You should take advantage of it as the flower takes advantage of the soil and the water we bring them in order to grow as tall and as beautiful as possible.

Action Items for Today

Take care of you and love yourself so that you can be ready for meeting the love of your life. If you are currently with your one true love, renew your love and commitment to this person. This may be a spa day, massage, or even some pampering or Netflix at home. Whatever you do, make sure you do it quickly, because once this lucky love change happens, your life won’t ever be the same again!


"I will make sure to love myself with all of my heart and soul so that I'll then be able to pass that love onto my mate. I will be appreciative of this love and not gloat about it to those less fortunate romantically." Repeat this 2 to 3 times per day in the mirror.

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