Clover & Man

Clover and Man


#2 - Clover

The clover card depicts the symbol of a three leaf clover, four leaf clover, or sometimes an entire patch of clover. We’re used to seeing the symbolism of clover in our society, so it should be no surprise to you that this symbol stands for luck. Examples of this symbol can be seen everywhere in modern society, including Good Luck Bear, the Care Bear cartoon character that is a bear with a green four leaf clover on his belly, and just about any St. Patrick’s Day, Luck of the Irish, or Leprechaun illustration. Trefoil is another name for the clover. You can also see the quatrefoil, a four petaled clover, as an ancient symbol has been popping up throughout fashion in such brands as Van Cleef & Arpels, for example. The quatrefoil reached a peak popularity in the Gothic and Renaissance eras, both in design and architecture, but it really began to be seen much earlier, in the earliest of Mayan communities. Even then it was a good luck symbol, of rain to come, and fertile lands. This clover indicates that you will soon come across a good deal of luck and fortune. It could be referring to luck in a spiritual sense, or it could be referring to the more standard luck definition of physical assets, money, or fame.

#28 - Man

The man card pictures a man wearing a suit standing upright, and references that which is male, masculine, being born of the men’s gender, and having the man’s strengths. This card could indicate a man you know, such as your father, brother, husband, grandfather, boss, co-worker, son, or lover. It could be an ex-boyfriend or ex-lover as well. It could symbolize or personify the qualities typically associated with men, like strength, logic, locational, spatial, and directional ability. Men are traditionally seen as being poor at showing emotion but strong in body and mind. They can typically run faster and lift heavier amounts of weight than their female counterparts. Traditional households will have the man do the “masculine” tasks like killing bugs, taking out garbage, fixing things that are broken, hammering or hanging pictures, although these gender roles are changing in society certainly. The man card may still be referencing these traditional male stereotypes, or it may be reminding you that a little more strength is necessary in your personal life.

The color often associated with the man card is dark blue. Health wise, this card could be speaking to the anatomy of men that females do not have, penises, testes, the groin area, and the prostate.

The man card typically indicates that something regarding a man important in our life will happen very soon. It could be a birth or death of a significant male. It could be a fight or proposal from a significant male. It could be news from a man or some kind of revelation about the man. You may learn news about the man, such as he is in love with you, or cheating on you.

Clover & Man Pairing

Because the Cover in this case refers to a sudden abundance of luck and fortune, and the man card referring to characteristics of strength and logic, the two cards together indicates that luck is in your path but you will need to make some logical, unemotional decisions to open it. Luck is one of those things that can come and go so fast that it is easily missed. A situation will arise soon that you will need to face with weighing your pros and cons while leaving emotions out of the game. This can also refer to a relationship with another person where you must use logic to determine if the relationship is healthy enough for you to continue. You may experience luck in a way that you were lucky to not miss out on a love, or luck that you may have “dodged a bullet” with love. The clover in this case means good luck as opposed to bad luck.


The Clover is represented by the number 2, and the Man is represented by the number 28. When we combine them we get the number 30. Since 30 is not a single digit we then add 3 + 0 to get the number 3.

The Number 3

Literally, the number three can represent March, which may be the month of your travel. 3 o’clock or 3 weeks or years from now are also possibilities. Multiples of 3 can also be considered, like 2021. In Christianity the number 3 would represent the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost which are omnipresent and anywhere and everywhere, through space and time. The Pythagoreans thought that 3 was the first true number. It’s also symbolic of triangles, it’s the first number to form a geometric shape. In fairy tales and religious rituals things are often said or done three times. We use the expression, “third time’s the charm!” We also count to three when we want to do something in synchronicity. It’s a very powerful number. Three colors of light are needed to make all other colors of light, three colors of paint are needed to make all other colors of paint.

Three is a very lucky number for a lot of people. Musical Artist Chance the Rapper wears a “3” on his baseball cap, and says it’s to signify, the Holy Trinity, his 3 person family, his 3 grammies, and his 3rd project. There are mentions of 3 in sports as well. If a horse wins all three major derbies, it conquers the “Triple Crown.” If a bowler hits three strikes in a row, it’s called a “turkey.” Many folks who have luck with the number 3 find that they continue to have good luck on the 13th and 30th as well. If you’re not sure what your lucky numbers are, or if 3 is one of them (it likely is), you should find out what they are as soon as possible to ensure that you have as lucky of a future as possible Have you ever heard the saying “comes in threes”? it’s important that you know if 3 is a lucky number for you, because if it isn’t, you need to be prepared for your ship to bring bad news, possibly in threes.

The number 3 in this case indicates that 3 people may be involved in the situation where you must use your logic to navigate through. Be very careful to keep emotions out of the situation so that you can make the best decision possible.

Action Items for Today

Make a list of pros and cons regarding a situation that has been weighing on your mind lately. Writing things down will make it easier for you to cross out anything that appears to be an emotional decision. Choose the best path for your future and leave the past behind you. Learn from history instead of revisiting it time and time again. Luck is at the door knocking and waiting for you to open.


“I will not let emotions get in the way of my chances of good luck. I am thinking about my future and what is best for me. I know that the universe has sent me some good luck and fortune. I will take advantage of the luck shining down on me to move away from anything negative in my life. I am strong and confident that I can do this.” Repeat this affirmation 2 to 3 times daily.

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