Key & Moon

Key and Moon


#33 - Key

The key has a meaning that’s simple to understand. Keys go with locks, and they are the answer to opening them. A key can unlock a door, house, car, trunk, treasure chest, or symbolically, even a person’s heart, mind, or desires.

The key card likely means that you’re about to find the answer that will allow you to unlock or get to the bottom of something that’s been plaguing you or keeping you locked out. The key symbolizes that you will find the answer, find the truth, or uncover the very thing that will allow you to move onto to the next room, or level. It may even mean that you will receive treasure, as keys are often used as a symbol for folks that have won a new car, or on game shows as a way to open up the trunk that’s filled with tons of valuable prizes. If the key doesn’t turn, you lose, and someone else wins the fabulous prize. In old stories of pirates and treasure, the key opened the pirates treasure chest, and you often had to use a treasure map to find where it was buried. Or even more difficult, on which ship it had sunk to the bottom of the ocean with. Also, don’t forget, the Spanish word for island is cay, which loosely translates to Key— so this also could be referencing a place, like an island, or vacation, it’s how the “Florida Keys” received it’s name.

The key symbolizes a solution to something, the mastery of a skill, an achievement, or some kind of break-through or revelation. It could be a physical key made of metal or brass, a plastic key card, like used in a workplace or hotel, an electronic key or pin number, or a pass code. Sometimes you’re not finding a physical key but having a “eureka” moment or that moment where the lightbulb goes off and you’re one hundred percent sure of the answer and what needs to be done to address your problem or your situation. “Key” is the word used to describe the solution to a puzzle, the answer “key”, the mechanical component in a plug or socket that makes it fit or come together correctly, a guide to a map, and an answer to a cryptography algorithm. Health wise, the key can symbolize a cure that has recently been discovered, or a treatment that has produced successful results. The key also usually symbolizes colors that are purple or from the purple family. The timing for the key is November but the key is a unique card in that it really doesn’t have a special timing or set of circumstances. The key can be found at any time, and the key moment can happen anywhere. It’s really about you and when you’re ready, when your mind is ready, when your body and soul all align, and you’re ready for such a breakthrough to occur.

Popular culture references to keys are very common in this day and age. We already talked about how a key is the name or nickname for answers or solutions to puzzles, crosswords, problems, and technical problems. It’s also a fictional mutant character in the Marvel comic universe, the name of a Seinfeld TV episode, and part of a musical instrument made for playing and tuning. Keys are also chords, and very useful to playing music in certain tonic chords and notations. “A key” is almost like it’s own language. Keys are very popular in necklaces, lockets, furniture, and home decor. We have an obsession with problems and there’s nothing better than a solution to a problem— keys represent that solution, the happy ending, the answer to all of our problems.

#32 - Moon

The moon is one of the most recognizable symbols there is. Visible in the night sky since the beginning of time, the moon helps us tell time, navigate, and provide a little bit of light in darkness. The moon is often given a female persona, and this is partially because she is so beautiful, but she also symbolizes love and romance. Things are much more romantic under the moon’s glow than in pure sunlight, and the moon certainly changes the mood of any situation. The moon is seductive, sensual, euphoric. The moon can also symbolize the arts, or those who are artistic, or those who are sensitive — it’s another reason the persona often embodies a female gender. The moon is literally present for our dreams, she inspires them, she sets the tone for them, and she watches over us while we have them. She also creates a world filled with fantasies. Because of this, and the moon’s connection with our right brain, she often is not only a muse but also a psychic as well— many thoughts that you have under the surface or feelings of deja vu or predicting the future all come from the moon. Some people will personalize the moon, and will give her a nickname such as “Luna.” Sometimes “Selene” is used as well, from the adjective for the moon called “selenic.”

Receiving the moon card indicates that your life is about to take a softer more euphoric turn. This may be due to a new lover and bring up images and realities of literal passion and romance. This also may be a new dream that you’ve had or that you’ve recently decided to follow. You may be “reaching for the moon” and throwing all cautions aside to shoot for the stars. Following that reasoning, the moon card can also be a sign or symbol for fame, recognition, and awards. The moon card can also indicate the location of the bedroom, or the color of silver. It can also symbolize the female organs, or hormonal problems. Since the moon is so cyclical, the moon in certain cases can also be referring to problems of a cyclical nature, like drug addiction or cyclical disorders. The timing for this house typically refers to evening, a Monday, or any of the lunar months.

In science and history the moon’s references are plentiful. She is about as old as the Earth, and rotates with the Earth, always showing Earth the same face. The moon is not two-faced, she is tried and true, and although hard to reach and attain, the moon is always honest with you and always steadfast. She always shows her true colors, and although her forms may change, her intentions never do. The moon has a very powerful influence in our lives and shapes the amount of darkness, and the ebb and flow of the tides. In popular culture, references to the moon are all over the place. “Goodnight Moon” is a popular children’s book, as is “The Boy who Climbed into the Moon.” — we are all familiar with “The Far Side of the Moon” by Robert LePage. “Sailor Moon” is a very popular Japanese anime cartoon. We have several video games and comic books that reference the moon, including the DC Universe which made the moon the “Justice League Watchtower”. Not to mention the countless space and sci-fi television series and movies that have spawned over our fascination with outer space, like “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, and “2001: A Space Odyssey”. There have been countless references to the moon in music, starting with Native American tribal hymns, and going through classical times with “Moonlight Sonata.” And we all know Frank Sinatra’s classic, “Fly Me To The Moon.” The moon has long been an obsession for many folks who want to understand her charm and power.

Key & Moon Pairing

When the Key and Moon are received together it likely means that you’re about to uncover something that will lead you to a life of bliss. You may finally solve the puzzle of the person that you’re meant to be with, living in romantic harmony from here on out, or you may also achieve the answer to landing a large interview or audition, leading you to reach all of your dreams. Work diligently on solving the puzzle, because there are only good things to come afterwards!


The Key is represented by the number 33, and the Moon is represented by the number 32. When we combine them we get the number 65. Since 65 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 6 + 5 to get the number 11. Then we add 1 + 1 to get the number 2.

The Number 2

The number two can represent two people, like luck in love. It may also be used to indicate the month of February, the day of 2 or 20 or 22, or the time of 2 o’clock or 2:22, more specifically. It is not surprising that 2 is the month that is luckiest for two people in love, which holds the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Two can mean a pair, and can literally refer to cards and poker, but less literally be addressing the time frame of upcoming luck, or that your riches will double. Two may also be related to your lucky number. Do you know what your lucky numbers are? In a simple way, most people believe that their lucky numbers will bring them riches through a literal sense, and most likely through gambling. These people may try to play the number on a roulette wheel, buy a lottery ticket with the lucky number, or make a bet on an athlete or race horse wearing the number. However, the lucky numbers divined for you can and should be taken much further. You can use these numbers for your wedding date, grand opening date for your business, even as some form of your new home address. You can use your lucky number as a number, or can convert the number to a letter - for example, 2 would refer to the letter B. You can make sure to pump only your lucky number of gas, for example, as well, like $22.22, to increase your fortune on the road.

As it relates to the Key and Moon cards, the #2 is likely indicating a luck in love situation, or perhaps a pairing of something. You may also find some sort of buried treasure and double your riches.

Action Items for Today

It is time to really dig deep on solving the puzzle that waits in front of you. Work diligently and do not take breaks. Consider yourself in a movie, and you’re almost to the triumphant climax No hero stops when they’re this close to the finish line. If you continue working diligently to solve the problems that lie in front of you, you’ll have almost eternal happiness from here on out. You are so close, continue on a steadfast and dedicated path until you succeed.


“I will continue to dig deep and work my hardest. I know that I’m right in front of my dreams coming true as long as I buckle down and resist the urge to give in to distractions. I can do this, I will, and I’ll be thankful that I achieved this task for the rest of my life.” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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