Letter & Mice

Letter and Mice


#33 - Letter

The letter card is denoted with the symbol of an envelope, sealed up, containing some type of letter. This could mean that you’re about to get some kind of written communication, probably delivered via postal mail, in your mailbox. This envelope could contain a wedding invitation, newsletter, newspaper article, letter, greeting card, or thank you card. It could even be cash, check, credit card, or gift card, or some kind of financial windfall. In unusual circumstances, the letter could be certified and could contain a legal notice, lawsuit information, a will, physical evidence, or some kind of paper trial. It could be some kind of ballot or vote that you have to cast. It could contain pictures from an old friend. It could even be representative of electronic communication like electronic mail, text message, or some kind of video message that you will be receiving.

A letter might also indicate that the location of the event that will happen may be a post office, mail box, mail room, study, office, or somewhere else that letters and correspondence are issued every day. It may also indicate someone in a writing possession or postal service profession. Health wise, this card could indicate medical labs or tests, and the reports received from diagnostic testing. It could even be referencing a physician’s prescription pads, X-Ray film, sick notes for an excuse from work or school, or any other kind of medical writing or correspondence. The colors generally associated with this card are black and white, the standard colors of writing.

#23 - Mice

The mouse card indicates a picture of a single mouse, usually facing left, with his tail fully extended. He is likely on the prowl, looking for some kind of cheese, or food. Mice have long been thought of more often as pests or vermin, and less as pets, although they have been used as pets or famous cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse being the prominent example. More often than not; however, typically a mouse is a nuisance, thought of as dirty, bad for your health, something that causes loss and damages and comes in areas of poverty or uncleanliness. When we think of mice we visualize dirty factories, dark warehouses, old cities, slums, projects, and generally places where there are no people, unless they are sick, homeless, or decrepit. We may even think of places like sewers, subways, areas underground. Mice lurk in darkness and run around making little squeaky sounds. They are afraid of humans and often scamper off when they are discovered lurking.

Health wise, a mouse could symbolize deterioration in health, the body becoming dirty or unclean, disease, decay or infection. It could also indicate a virus, some kind of anxiety or stress, or even a nervous breakdown. It is sometimes seen when referring to memory loss or dementia as well. There’s no real reason for the mouse representing memory loss except that the mouse and elephant are usually enemies, and the elephant represents great memory and the inability to forget things. Elephants and mice are usually opposites in size as well, this is good news for you because the mouse represents small and manageable problems. The color most associated with the mice card is usually gray. Pay special attention to anything gray that is causing you particular concern.

Letter & Mice Pairing

When the Letter & Mice are paired together, ultimately it means that you will soon receive some written news about your health and wellness. This could be a test of some sort, or the results of some kind of screening. It could be a prescription or a letter from your doctor, or it could be the results of some kind of genealogy or genetic screening about a predisposed health condition.


The Letter is represented by the number 27, and the Mice card is represented by the number 23. When we combine them we get the number 50. Since 50 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 5 + 0 to get the number 5.

The Number 5

Five is the number of days in a standard work week. It’s the number of fingers on hands and feet. Without even one toe, we have trouble walking. Without even one finger, we have trouble using our hands. Our roots are important and our feet are the foundation upon which our body stands and grows tall. Protect them. Five may indicate 5:00, the month of May, Friday, or the letter E. In Chinese culture, the number 5 represents the elements: water, fire, metal, earth, and wood.

In the case of the Mouse and Letter card combination, the number 5 means a need to look honestly into a situation and seek one’s higher guidance and not merely what one wants to hear. The news may not be good and the outlook may not be optimal but do not dig your own grave-- a positive disposition will help you get through this situation with the best possible outcome.

Action Items for Today -- If you haven’t gone to a doctor recently, you should do so. The results of any testing may not necessarily be what you had hoped for, but at least you’ll be able to know the truth and will be able to face the situation head on, and look for any treatment or solutions possible.

Affirmation --“I will seek medical advice and knowledge and will continue to remain positive even if I receive news that may not be good. Nothing is impossible and bad news is only a sign that things need to change for the better.” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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