Your Tarot Card of the Day: Seven of Cups

❝The Judge has Decided❞

Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups has shown up now because it’s time for you to acknowledge that your attorney has won the case and you’re about to hit an abundance streak:

This seven card has shown up to remind you that your thoughts create your reality. You’ve been wondering about a certain problem in your life for a while now - but the jury is out and the judge has decided your attorney’s case was enough to sway the universe in your favor.

But what does that even mean?

Well, seven energy is all about your thoughts, and the suit of cups is all about your emotions. So, the judge is your brain in this situation, while your gut and heart are the attorney and jury. In other words, every part of you agrees that you’re about to get just what you want.

But what exactly is it that you want?

That’s why the Seven of Cups has shown up - to help you figure out what exactly is bothering you (that thing your mind jumped to first) and to give you time to decide what to do about it. And once you decide you’ll get exactly what you’ve been hoping for. But you’re going to have to stick to that decision whole-heartedly. So, make sure you choose well!

Listening to Your Attorney

Attorneys are trained to keep you safe. In other words, your brain is designed to keep you safe from the obvious things that could go wrong in the world, like saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. While the judge and jury are there to help you navigate the more subtle energies that surround your specific problem. The judge is your gut instinct, and keeps you away from all the obvious ills in the world. Your heart, on the other hand, is where your emotional center is - that’s the jury.

Right now you can do yourself a huge favor if you listen to the guidance from your attorney (your brain) rather than your gut and heart. Sure, your gut and heart have decided to follow along with the plan, but the point is, there is still a precise plan that needs deciding on.

So, right now you have to use your mind to decide what it is that you want to get from the rest of your life? What is it that will make all your dreams come true? Do you want a better career? Do you want a better bond with your family? Do you want to be more independent? Once you’ve figured out exactly what it is that you want you can start working on a plan to set the wheels into motion.

One Step is Enough

You don’t have to go overboard thinking of each minute detail right now. The energies around you are all in your favor. All you have to do is make a clear decision on what it is that YOU want from the next phase of your life and keep working on one step at a time. The Seven of Cups can be quite overwhelming because it means anything you put your mind to will work out - and today your attorney has won the case, so your heart is also in it for the long run.

In other words, all you have to do is pick the thing you want to be successful in and start making a plan to get where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be a huge goal either - you can start small and work your way up from there. Remember, the court has already ruled in your favor, so whatever your inner attorney wants to achieve is entirely possible.

All you need to do is keep focused on your goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge goal or just a tiny one - as long as you stick to your plan things will work out for you. Try to be modest though - the bigger your plan the longer it’s going to take to achieve ultimate success. It’s a good idea to stay focused on the little steps - they’re going to fall into place quite easily under this influence. And don’t forget to reward yourself for every small goal you achieve until you find the ultimate success your attorney has already won for you today.

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