Your Tarot Card of the Day: The Empress

❝Compassion and Understanding❞

The Empress

The Empress is here to remind you that everything is as it is for a reason - even though you might not always like that reason:

If you look at the Empress you’ll see that she is the embodiment of womanliness. She’s dressed in flowing robes and beside her is a heart shaped stone with the female symbol on it. That’s a big clue about what exactly The Empress’s message is for you today - it’s time to embrace the female energies of compassion and understanding.

Unfortunately that’s a lot easier said than done - especially if you’re one of those can-do women that likes to fix all the problems. That can-do attitude might serve you well in most areas of your life. But that’s mostly because the world is largely male-orientated. Luckily that’s changing and the more compassionate and understanding you are the more things will start to fall into place for you right now.

So, how do you become more passionate and understanding? That’s the big question right now, isn’t it! Well, it starts by realizing that you can’t fix everything. And then becoming less judgemental about the lives other people live. You see the more you think you can fix life for other people, the less you understand that we all have to go through our own struggles, the more you’ll want to fix things in the wrong way.

The truth is that we all need more love and compassionate understanding in our lives. We don’t need people telling us how we should be living our lives. We need people who understand what we’re about and empathize with our journey. We don’t need people who judge us for doing things differently than they would have. And we all need to become like that second kind of people.

Learning Some Compassion

So the first thing we can do to embody the womanly energy of The Empress is to have a little bit more compassion with ourselves. If you’re going through a rough time you don’t need to be hard on yourself. What you do need is to realize that things won’t always be fantastic - and that’s okay. Some days are better than others. And some days it’s okay to stay in bed until noon and change into new pajamas after your shower.

We all need time to rest and work through things. But those “down” days aren’t anything to be ashamed of. In fact, you should be proud of yourself for listening to your body and doing what’s right for your soul. Just as long as you realize that doing nothing isn’t going to solve your problems either. But on that note - not changing anything and just pretending everything is okay is basically like doing nothing too.

So what you should be doing is keeping in mind that rest is a crucial part of life. That staying stagnant is the same as doing nothing. And that you are who you are, whether you change everything or nothing in your life.

That last one is quite something to wrap your head around, but you’ll get used to the idea that you are more than your life soon enough. For now, just focus on being a bit more compassionate about where you find yourself at this point in time.

Understanding Will Come

Everything is the way it is for a reason. You might not like the way things are right now, but there’s a reason it is the way it is. Can you think of a few reasons why you’re facing the struggles you’re currently facing? Can you figure out what it is that caused you to be where you are today?

The simple answer is that you are who you are. But who is that even? Who are you really? And what things are you doing that don’t really align with who you are on the inside? You need to understand that all of us have a knack for doing things others expect of us, even if it’s not good for us. It’s called peer pressure. And it shows its ugly head in all walks of life.

The key for you right now is to focus on what you want from life. What are the things you want to spend time on? How would you like to fulfill your responsibilities? Cuz let’s face it - there are things that simply have to get done. But the thing to focus on is how they get done. Because you do have the power to make changes in your life. You have the power to live life just the way you like. And the more you realize that you’re the only person who has a say in your life the more you’ll be able to spread that compassion and understanding to other people - probably those that need sme love and kindness the most.

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