Your Tarot Card of the Day: Justice

❝Your Inner Electricity is Supremely Wise❞


We all have a spark of electricity inside us that guides us through life - some call it a gut instinct, others think it’s your heart - and right now yours will let you know everything you need to make sure your life runs smoothly:

Justice has shown up today to let you know that you can follow your inner compass. Your gut had been supercharged with a sense of justice, so you’re a bit like a live wire - you know exactly what you want from life. And that spark of electricity is going to make life work for you in ways you could never imagine!

The eleven energy of this card means that you’re being faced with your own inner world in your outer world. And while this can be challenging at times, it also means that you have the upper hand. You can make eleven energy work for you on a lot of levels. And the scales of justice are balanced in your favor right now, so take advantage of that!

Of course, you need to remember that the scales can turn against you at any time - so don’t start thinking you’re above Universal laws and that pigs can fly. But you can let your hair down just a little bit right now.

Electric Sparks of Goodness

If you trust in the eleven energy of Justice you’ll be able to feel the electricity start to course through your veins. That’s because you’re manifesting better than ever right now. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, whatever you’re thinking is going to start manifesting in reality faster than you can blink - so don’t let that natural power go to waste. You need to stay mindful about your inner dialogue and focus on creating sparks of goodness as far as possible.

Of course, there is such a thing as toxic positivity too. Being happy and full of energy all the time is impossible. Remember, Justice is all about balance - so settling for mildly comfortable might be better than going into a manic episode where you’re THE happiest person alive. Sometimes this card can mean that karma flips any toxic behavior into bad experiences - but luckily that’s only sometimes!

For the most part you can relax in knowing that your side of the slate is clean. Unless any real problems (where you handled a situation really badly) come to mind, you don’t have to worry about things too much.

Balancing the Scales

If you feel like you haven’t been treating someone fairly you can always decide to make things better right now. But try not to think of yourself as a good samaritan. You will need to make sure that everything is running smoothly for yourself more than trying to make life better for other people right now.

If you stay focused on your own sense of justice you’ll be much less likely to get so charged by that inner compass that’s filled with electricity. Remember, you’re walking a fine line here. And if you switch over to the dark side right now you’re bound to act like Annakin swinging around a lightsaber instead of like Yoda who knows how to control his energy wisely.

Above all, stay wise and true to yourself. That inner spark knows exactly what the right thing to do is. And if you start channeling that electricity now you’ll be putting a lot of things into motion. So make sure you pick the more important things to spend your time and energy on. Where do you want to empower yourself and where can you start saving some energy?

Justice doesn’t mean people-pleasing. Nobody is ever going to be as happy as you’d like them to be. So stop trying to do things to make the world right for them. Start to focus on what you can do to make the world right for you. That’s where the real lightbulb of the Justice card lies. And once that lightbulb is shining bright with all that pent-up electrical energy you’ve got coursing through your veins there’s nothing that will be able to stand in your way. As long as you use the energy wisely… otherwise you might end up becoming a very corrupt version of yourself - and then you’ll have to face the consequences.

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