Bouquet & Tower

Bouquet and Tower


# 9 - The Bouquet

The Bouquet or symbol of flowers, may be representative of something new blooming. Life may be about to change, and you may be getting a fresh start. It’s no coincidence that flowers are presented as gifts for funerals, and also brought to many first dates as a gift for the person wished to enter the new romantic relationship. Flowers are an amazing symbol of rebirth, something is about to grow. Often times flowers are brought when meeting new people, such as the mother of someone you may have started a relationship with, a teacher, or new boss or administrative assistant. Flowers are sent to the hospital for people who have undergone illness or surgery, as a sign that they will heal quickly and get well soon. Flowers also have the ability to cheer people up. They may give life, in both a practical, and a spiritual way. Flowers come from the ground, and they are given life as soon as the seed is planted. This is a very fragile life, and the flower risks being compromised by storms, rain, bees, birds, bugs, small animals like dogs and cats, or even humans. They can be stepped on, picked, or allowed to die by feeble gardeners. Just like life, flowers can be gorgeous in full bloom, but very fragile as well. Their beauty can be fleeting. Flowers generally represent a variety of colors, or something that is very colorful and beautiful. They can refer to hair, makeup, beauty, a face-lift, or some kind of spa, hair salon, or beauty salon as well. Other meanings for flowers are gifts, either spiritual or physical, or the gift of grace.

#19- The Tower

The tower is often depicted as a tall tower, shaped like the letter A, with a large bottom and a tiny top and scaffolding across the middle to link the two slanted sides. It often looks like the Eiffel tower, as pictured here, unlike a tall and round tower made from bricks that you’d see in castles described in fairy tales, but it’s meant to be no specific tower. The tower symbolism often conveys ideas of corporations, large buildings, skyscrapers, royalty, people in power. It may even refer to schools, the military, or some type of large institution. It can call forth feelings of standards, hierarchy, ego, class, and social and financial status or limitations. We often automatically think that a farm or countryside indicates people of poor financial status, while a tower, apartment building, or penthouse may indicate people with a wealthy financial status. The 1980’s television program “The Jeffersons” talked about “moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky” in the theme song and theme of the program. Health wise, a tower could indicate the bones, spine, back or neck. It may even indicate that you should be quarantined, like Rapunzel, or some kind of maiden who is locked up inside a tower. The Jehovah’s Witnesses use a “Watchtower” as a name of their newspaper and literary magazine, which indicates how important they see it as.

A tower card usually indicates that you will begin to rise up or move up throughout your work and social life. This may be isolated — your friends and family may not make this rise or benefit from this rise with you. This may lead to strife among your partner and you, or friends and yourself. Make sure that you are prepared for this strife and potential jealousy. Do everything that you can to make sure that this promotion or positive change will not isolate you from the people who love you and try to help you on a daily basis.

Bouquet & Tower Pairing

When the Bouquet and the Tower are seen together it likely means that a new and positive change is headed into your life. The tower usually suggests a rising up or promotion of some sort. Positive change is always exciting just as receiving or giving a bouquet of roses warms your heart. Believe that good news is coming into your life. It is important to be grateful for the good fortune in your life. Continue working for your goals with a winning attitude and you will have great success.


The Bouquet is represented by the number 9, and the Tower is represented by the number 19. When we combine them we get the number 28. Since 28 is not a single digit we then add 2 + 8 to get the number 10. We then again add 1 + 0 to get the number 1.

The Number 1

The number one is so important in our culture. It could have divine reference and be used to depict our Lord or God, depending on what religion we follow. It may symbolize the President, Governor, Mayor, or leader of a country or city. It may be a Principal, teacher, or educator, or some kind of boss. It may symbolize the head of a family, tribe, or community. In sports, number 1 is the very best and the team leader, or player that all other players strive to emulate. “One” can mean first, or best, or a combination of both. The alpha, the beginning. Surely, someone who is number one either has the ability to see the future, or is smart enough to have an idea that something is about to happen. In this case, number one likely refers to the fact that the problem or issue needing resolution will directly affect the person who is number one in your life, meaning yourself. It could also mean that the conflict will revolve around something very important to you. It might signify something that is happening quickly, or prominently in your life. Typically, the number one signifies one minute, one day, one week, one month, or even one year. It could even be trying to represent the month of January, the date 2021, or the time of 1:00PM. The number 1 can also be our expression number. Have you ever heard of your expression number? This is a number that is derived from the letters of our full birth name, and reveals the talents, abilities and shortcomings you hold in this lifetime.

The number 1 as related to this card reading may refer to the promotion or rise happening rather quickly in your life. The number one can mean move to the top as in a promotion to the top or as in suddenly placed first in line as related to priority.

Action Items for Today

Imagine yourself at the top of a mountain reflecting on all of the hard work you have been putting in to get to where you are in your life situation. Moving forward in an upward direction is a natural progression for you. Keep moving with your positive outlook like a train racing down the track towards the next destination. Do not forget the supportive base you have around you and be sure to be thankful and grateful for the wonderful things happening in your life.


“I will continue to look towards the future and leave the past in the past. I know that there are good things coming to me and I will be grateful and ready to receive. Family and friends are on my mind as I reflect on the path that led me to this mountain peek. My future and new beginnings are a priority for me and I will graciously be open to what the universe has in store.” Repeat this 2 or 3 times daily.

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