Bouquet & Stork

Bouquet and Stork


# 9 - The Bouquet

The Bouquet or symbol of flowers, may be representative of something new blooming. Life may be about to change, and you may be getting a fresh start. It’s no coincidence that flowers are presented as gifts for funerals, and also brought to many first dates as a gift for the person wished to enter the new romantic relationship. Flowers are an amazing symbol of rebirth, something is about to grow. Often times flowers are brought when meeting new people, such as the mother of someone you may have started a relationship with, a teacher, or new boss or administrative assistant. Flowers are sent to the hospital for people who have undergone illness or surgery, as a sign that they will heal quickly and get well soon. Flowers also have the ability to cheer people up. They may give life, in both a practical, and a spiritual way. Flowers come from the ground, and they are given life as soon as the seed is planted. This is a very fragile life, and the flower risks being compromised by storms, rain, bees, birds, bugs, small animals like dogs and cats, or even humans. They can be stepped on, picked, or allowed to die by feeble gardeners. Just like life, flowers can be gorgeous in full bloom, but very fragile as well. Their beauty can be fleeting. Flowers generally represent a variety of colors, or something that is very colorful and beautiful. They can refer to hair, makeup, beauty, a face-lift, or some kind of spa, hair salon, or beauty salon as well. Other meanings for flowers are gifts, either spiritual or physical, or the gift of grace.

#17 - The Stork

The symbol of the stork, often pictured in the cartoon form as a giant bird flying through the sky with a grin on his face and a baby bundle hanging from a stick he carries in his mouth, is very commonly associated with babies, having children, finding out you are pregnant, and other such dramatic news of maternity, or additions to the family. The stork has long been associated with this because of old wives tales and nursery rhymes where women tell their children that babies come from storks, who deliver the children to their new homes. Thinking about what this means with more fluidity, the stork card could indicate that a positive addition of any kind will be entering the home. This could be a new roommate, a family member visiting from out of town, a new piece of furniture, or even some construction or remodeling of the home or workspace. It could be a piece of good news that’s being delivered, perhaps even from far away, or even a very important, expensive, or fragile package that’s on it’s way. It may indicate an improvement in health, or a change in the reading of a medical test. It could be describing an upcoming promotion at work. It could also indicate a recovery from some type of addiction, a relocation, new home, new apartment, or anything that might yield or prompt a brand new chance at life or outlook at life. It is the chance to either start your life anew, start your adult life at 18, or have a chance at a rebirth or redo in life. The colors most often associated with storks are baby pink or baby blue. Baby blue especially is indicative of the sky, and the phrase the sky’s the limit — there’s no coincidence that storks bring their news through the air.

Bouquet & Stork Pairing

When the Bouquet and the Stork are paired it can be said that a fragile and very important package is coming to your home. The cards suggest that it is a positive addition to your life that will come with congratulations. This is a good time to get your affairs in order and make room for something or someone very important. This could be someone coming home after being away for some time or it could even be the announcement of a new baby or marriage. Important packages come in many forms so think about getting that lotto or scratch off ticket. Whatever the new addition is, it is of positive nature.


The Bouquet is represented by the number 9, and the Stork is represented by the number 17. When we combine them we get the number 26. Since 26 is not a single digit we then add 2 + 6 to get the number 8.

The Number 8

People with the lucky number 8 have strong intuition and insight, and they have the keen ability to explore things uncovered or undiscovered, like undiscovered talents or abilities that may be lying within. The number eight is seen as super lucky by many cultures, the Chinese culture being one in particular. The Chinese will go out of their way to include number 8’s in their name numerology, home and business addresses, telephone numbers, and web addresses. Some addresses including the number 8 are so sought after that millions of dollars are paid just to get the maximum number of 8’s possible. Part of this is because the number 8 is pronounced Ba, and is very close to the word Fa, for wealth and fortune. As an example of the Chinese’s amazing devotion to the number 8 — the Olympic games hosted in Beijing commenced at exactly 8 o’clock and 8 minutes on the 8th day of the 8th month in 2008. Do you know your lucky numbers?

It is no surprise that the number 8 should be associated with the combination of the Bouquet and Stork. This is a time for good fortune, health and wealth. New and important positive additions in your life are very favorable. The number 8 is often regarded as very favorable in many cultures

Action Items for Today

Spend some time getting things in order. It is important to make room for new additions to your life. If there are any outstanding bills that need to be paid or if there are any projects that need to be completed, spend this week finishing them. The news or addition will come in the next week or so and it will come with congratulations from those around you. This is a time to be joyful and thankful. Be gracious and glad that your fortune is great


“I will take some time this week to tie up any loose ends in my life so that I can be ready for the good fortune to come. I will be positive, courageous and grateful for the news that is coming my way.” Repeat this affirmation 2 or 3 times daily.

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