Bouquet & Crossroad

Bouquet and Crossroad


# 9 - The Bouquet

The Bouquet or symbol of flowers, may be representative of something new blooming. Life may be about to change, and you may be getting a fresh start. It’s no coincidence that flowers are presented as gifts for funerals, and also brought to many first dates as a gift for the person wished to enter the new romantic relationship. Flowers are an amazing symbol of rebirth, something is about to grow. Often times flowers are brought when meeting new people, such as the mother of someone you may have started a relationship with, a teacher, or new boss or administrative assistant. Flowers are sent to the hospital for people who have undergone illness or surgery, as a sign that they will heal quickly and get well soon. Flowers also have the ability to cheer people up. They may give life, in both a practical, and a spiritual way. Flowers come from the ground, and they are given life as soon as the seed is planted. This is a very fragile life, and the flower risks being compromised by storms, rain, bees, birds, bugs, small animals like dogs and cats, or even humans. They can be stepped on, picked, or allowed to die by feeble gardeners. Just like life, flowers can be gorgeous in full bloom, but very fragile as well. Their beauty can be fleeting. Flowers generally represent a variety of colors, or something that is very colorful and beautiful. They can refer to hair, makeup, beauty, a face-lift, or some kind of spa, hair salon, or beauty salon as well. Other meanings for flowers are gifts, either spiritual or physical, or the gift of grace.

#22 - Crossroad, Path, Road

The cross road could be a fork in the road, a place where the path is unclear, a marking on a map, or any other kind of junction or turning point. This card indicates that you have reached the point in your life where there are multiple options and a decision needs to be made. Literally, it may be referencing a trail, path to your home, favorite exploration spot as a child, or some kind of local trip or walk you enjoy. It may also mean a driveway, highway, road, or passageway that you frequent that is important to you now for some reason. It’s important to notate that this generally indicates a path or trail that is close to home. Within walking distance or a short day’s trip of driving distance. The ship or bird indicate much further distances, the path is local. It may even refer to your own body, or what’s inside. As it pertains to your health, the path card could be referencing that you need tests, or that you have conflicting results. You may have a second opinion from another physician or specialist. You might have conflicting treatment options and you may be confused about which course of action is best. This could be frustrating as our health is obviously very important but medical advice and diagnoses are often hard to understand and wrap our minds around. Typically the path happens within 2 months. The most important thing to understand about the path is that it is your decision, and yours alone, and it is the grace of your free will that will allow you to make this decision. It will be a difficult one, so do not look upon it lightly, but it will be one that will set you free and a slow you to see life from a completely different perspective. It will allow you to lead a plentiful and abundant life, and one that could provide you joys that you never knew you dreamed of.

Bouquet & Crossroad Pairing

When the Bouquet and Crossroad cards are paired together this ultimately means that there are decisions that need to be made and that there will be a lot of support from those close to you who will help you with the process. The crossroad often indicates that the decision is yours alone and that it has something to do with your personal life choices. When it is paired with the bouquet there is indication that you will not be alone in the decision making and that you have plenty of support in your life. This crossroad can be a decision to change something that hasn’t been working out for you or it can be a decision to take one job over another. It can be moving to a new city or even moving into a new relationship. Whatever the decision is, it will be a great change to your personal life.


The Bouquet is represented by the number 9, and the Crossroad is represented by the number 22. When we combine them we get the number 31. Since 31 is not a single digit we then add 3 + 1 to get the number 4.

The Number 4

The number four goes very well with a home. There are four walls to every home, four sides to every window, four corners to every property. Without four, nothing would be complete. Four is a base, a stable base. It’s required to have four sides when you’re making a box, or building a house of cards. You need four legs on your desk or table or chair. Four holds things up, holds things together. You may double date in fours, but three’s a crowd. Five people results in a fifth wheel. Four is one of the most fundamental numbers that there can be, and without it, everything that we’ve built falls down. Four can also mean four days, four weeks, four months, four years. It can also symbolize that something will happen in the month of April. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have done a lot of things according to the number 4, which is very important to them. Both of their birthdays are on the 4th, and their wedding anniversary is 4-4 — they even have IV wedding ring tattoos. Beyoncé also has an album named 4, and has released albums on dates with four or adding up to four. Finally, their daughter Blue Ivy, is named a first name with 4 letters and a second name Ivy as a shout out to the roman numeral four.

The number 4 in this case is a sign of comfort. 4 walls, even number, and security. Whatever the decision is, a sense of serenity and security will be a part of the process.

Action Items for Today

There are people or persons around you who are completely invested in your happiness. They are there for you through thick and thin and will surely be there for you when you are making big decisions that will affect your well being and future. You should express your gratefulness to them this week. Write a thank you card or cook dinner for them to show your gratitude. Whatever decisions you need to make hinge on the support you will receive.


“I am grateful for the people in my life who are always there to support me. I will take some time to straighten out the things in my life that are in limbo. This week will be for putting things to rest and looking forward to the future. I will consult with those who have been there for me through thick and thin before I make the decision to take a new path. I can do all that I set my mind to and I will be grateful and comforted by the support I have.” Read this affirmation to yourself 2 times daily throughout the next few weeks.

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