Key & Letter

Key and Letter


#33 - Key

The key has a meaning that’s simple to understand. Keys go with locks, and they are the answer to opening them. A key can unlock a door, house, car, trunk, treasure chest, or symbolically, even a person’s heart, mind, or desires.

The key card likely means that you’re about to find the answer that will allow you to unlock or get to the bottom of something that’s been plaguing you or keeping you locked out. The key symbolizes that you will find the answer, find the truth, or uncover the very thing that will allow you to move onto to the next room, or level. It may even mean that you will receive treasure, as keys are often used as a symbol for folks that have won a new car, or on game shows as a way to open up the trunk that’s filled with tons of valuable prizes. If the key doesn’t turn, you lose, and someone else wins the fabulous prize. In old stories of pirates and treasure, the key opened the pirates treasure chest, and you often had to use a treasure map to find where it was buried. Or even more difficult, on which ship it had sunk to the bottom of the ocean with. Also, don’t forget, the Spanish word for island is cay, which loosely translates to Key— so this also could be referencing a place, like an island, or vacation, it’s how the “Florida Keys” received it’s name.

The key symbolizes a solution to something, the mastery of a skill, an achievement, or some kind of break-through or revelation. It could be a physical key made of metal or brass, a plastic key card, like used in a workplace or hotel, an electronic key or pin number, or a pass code. Sometimes you’re not finding a physical key but having a “eureka” moment or that moment where the lightbulb goes off and you’re one hundred percent sure of the answer and what needs to be done to address your problem or your situation. “Key” is the word used to describe the solution to a puzzle, the answer “key”, the mechanical component in a plug or socket that makes it fit or come together correctly, a guide to a map, and an answer to a cryptography algorithm. Health wise, the key can symbolize a cure that has recently been discovered, or a treatment that has produced successful results. The key also usually symbolizes colors that are purple or from the purple family. The timing for the key is November but the key is a unique card in that it really doesn’t have a special timing or set of circumstances. The key can be found at any time, and the key moment can happen anywhere. It’s really about you and when you’re ready, when your mind is ready, when your body and soul all align, and you’re ready for such a breakthrough to occur.

Popular culture references to keys are very common in this day and age. We already talked about how a key is the name or nickname for answers or solutions to puzzles, crosswords, problems, and technical problems. It’s also a fictional mutant character in the Marvel comic universe, the name of a Seinfeld TV episode, and part of a musical instrument made for playing and tuning. Keys are also chords, and very useful to playing music in certain tonic chords and notations. “A key” is almost like it’s own language. Keys are very popular in necklaces, lockets, furniture, and home decor. We have an obsession with problems and there’s nothing better than a solution to a problem— keys represent that solution, the happy ending, the answer to all of our problems.

#27 - Letter

The letter card is denoted with the symbol of an envelope, sealed up, containing some type of letter. This could mean that you’re about to get some kind of written communication, probably delivered via postal mail, in your mailbox. This envelope could contain a wedding invitation, newsletter, newspaper article, letter, greeting card, or thank you card. It could even be cash, check, credit card, or gift card, or some kind of financial windfall. In unusual circumstances, the letter could be certified and could contain a legal notice, lawsuit information, a will, physical evidence, or some kind of paper trial. It could be some kind of ballot or vote that you have to cast. It could contain pictures from an old friend. It could even be representative of electronic communication like electronic mail, text message, or some kind of video message that you will be receiving.

A letter might also indicate that the location of the event that will happen may be a post office, mail box, mail room, study, office, or somewhere else that letters and correspondence are issued every day. It may also indicate someone in a writing possession or postal service profession. Health wise, this card could indicate medical labs or tests, and the reports received from diagnostic testing. It could even be referencing a physician’s prescription pads, X-Ray film, sick notes for an excuse from work or school, or any other kind of medical writing or correspondence. The colors generally associated with this card are black and white, the standard colors of writing.

Key & Letter Pairing

When the Key and the Letter are combined, it generally means that a letter or piece of mail holds the solution to something. This may be something that you weren’t sure you were going to get, or some kind of legal document. It could be the will of someone who passed and left you answers to questions you had always wondered about. It could be a newspaper or magazine providing you with necessary information. Finally, in the digital age, this information could even come in the form of an e-mail or text message.


The Key is represented by the number 33, and the Letter is represented by the number 27. When we combine them we get the number 60 . Since 60 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 6 + 0 to get the number 6.

The Number 6

The number six is usually associated with six years when it relates to the cards. Six can also express the letter F, the month of June, 6 o’clock, or Saturday. 6 is often related to the mother as it inspires feelings of family, protection, love, balance, and responsibility. It is considered one of the more harmonious numbers. It can be the glue that keeps people or communities together.

When it comes to the Key and the Letter, the number six may represent the amount of time that you need to wait for your solution providing correspondence. It may be coming in six hours, six days, six weeks, or six months. It may be from someone with the initial F, or it could even be found from a number or website containing a number 6. Do not fret; however, you do not need to know this information-- you’ll get your answer regardless of whether you know the method and time of the message’s delivery.

Action Items for Today

You will soon receive the answers to all of your questions, so be alert and attentive. Open every piece of mail that you receive, even if you think it may be spam. You should also organize your paperwork, inbox, and cell phone so that you will not miss or lose any important information.


“I will continue to work hard and will not allow myself any distractions. The prize is ahead and is within my grasp as long as I do not fall victim to temptation. I need to do everything that I can to be the best that I can be this week, and I will be duly rewarded for my sacrifice..” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.“I will work hard and continue to do what I am supposed to do to succeed at life. I will be extra attentive and will be open-minded so that I do not miss important information when it is presented to me. I will remain grateful for the information despite the outlook, even if it is not what I had hoped for.” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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