Star & Cross

Star and Cross


#16 - The Stars

The Stars card is generally indicative of technology and computers. It may describe cell phones, computers, or a change in advancing technology for you or someone else. It may be specific towards you or general to your business, office, home, or the whole civilization. It may indicate navigation, a new path or trail, or some kind of clear skies and smooth passage ahead. It can also indicate transparency, clarity, or the sky becoming clear and every star in the sky becoming visible. It directly refers to astrology and being able to see the sky. It may also refer to natural talent, superstars, talent competitions, and rising celebrities or stars. Magicians and geniuses are referenced by the stars card. This card, and the stars, are most often associated with the color silver. It may also be indicating the north, as in the north star, or the directional star on a compass or map. It may point to technology ahead, a smooth journey ahead, or a clear path with the navigation and plan completely in place. It may refer to reaching for the stars and your journey to fame, genius, and accolades. For some people, the stars card could be referring to the skin, treatment, medication, or healing. In some cases it may reference radiation, chemotherapy, or any technological advances in medicine. Relish the stars card, as it generally means that the skies are going to part for you soon to succeed. Everything will become clear to you all at once, and all of the things that you have been doing to advance your craft will not have been for nothing. All of the hard work is about to manifest itself for youand you will soon find your path to greatness. There is nothing but a rise to the top ahead for you.

#36 - Cross

The cross is one of the most simple, yet powerful symbols there is in this world. Symbolized as just a plus sign, sideways x, or high letter T, it’s a geometrical figure consisting of two intersecting lines or bars, that are perpendicular to each other. The cross is most often representative of Christianity. Jesus Christ carried the cross, suffered on the cross, and died on the cross, and for many the symbol of the cross is often related to that story. The cross can symbolize religion in general, it can symbolize a difficult time, like what Jesus had to go through in the story. It can symbolize making a terrible or hard decision, a sacrifice for others. It can simply symbolize suffering, sadness, pain, despair, regret, guilt. It can symbolize pain. Have you ever heard of the phrase “cross to bear?” A cross can symbolize a great burden, and something you do not want to deal with— but something that has been forced upon you

As a reading, that’s exactly what the cross card indicates— not necessarily that you will go through a death by execution but that you will face a sudden and heavy burden that is something you have to go through in this lifetime. It is not fair that the cards have been dealt to you but they are so you must prepare for them. Location wise, a cross can symbolize a church, holy place, sacred space, or altar, but it could also be symbolizing a crossroads or place where a decision must be made. It may also be the location for this large decision or action on your part. The timing of this is immediate. You will not get much warning, when this thing happens you will have to deal with it right away and you can not pawn it off to anyone else. It is your trial and tribulation, but you will feel much stronger for coming out of it on the other end. As it relates to color, the cross can be either represent black or white. There is no gray area when it comes to your quest for doing the right thing and being a good person. As it relates to health, the cross can be symbolic of the lower back or any of the parts of you that might hurt if you were carrying a literal burden or heavy cross to bear. A cross may also be indicative that something is going to happen regarding a volunteer, chaplain, paramedic, doctor, priest, or clergyman. The cross will make you think about your life purpose

In popular culture a cross is often worn by people who are faithful to their religion, or people who associate with Catholicism or Christianity. They may wear the crucifix, with Jesus affixed to the cross, or just a plain cross with nothing or no one attached to it. Crosses are very popular recently and have been put on everything from t-shirts to rings to socks. The word cross was first recorded in 10th century Old-English as “cros” and was used as a reference to Christ’s crucifixion. It was thought to have originated from the Latin word for crux, which was a gibbet where criminals were executed. This is also where the word excruciate comes from, as in “you are in excruciating pain.” Cross symbols have been drawn as early as prehistoric times, due to the simplicity of the design. There is speculation that the points of the cross represent the four elements (earth, wind, water, fire). In Egyptian, the cross is presented as an Ankh (it’s curved on top), which represents life. The sun cross was used in early European cultures, representing the spoked wheel of the Sun chariot, and even the Swastika originally had somewhat of a cross shape, because it was borrowed from the Buddhism sign for prosperity.

Star & Cross Pairing

When the Star and the Cross are received together it is likely that a talent you have is noticed and being utilized exceedingly by others. You may have a talent for leadership where others are constantly looking for you to take the lead and initiate the work on projects. Your talent may be creative and you are being volunteered to help with putting things together in your organization or workplace. When the star is paired with the cross, it indicates that your talent is sometimes a burden or stress when you do not have the time and others are always asking for your expertise.


The Star is represented by the number 16, and the Cross is represented by the number 36. When we combine them we get the number 52. Since 52 is not a single digit we then add 5 + 2 to get the number 7.

The Number 7

Seven is often considered lucky. Many people choose to get employ dates with 7’s as their anniversary or wedding dates. Recently, 07/07/07 was a big wedding day where hundreds of thousands of couples got married all over the world. You also see lucky number 7 on casino advertisements and as a winning spin on slot machines. In time, 7 can refer to the 7th day, 7th month, or 7 years. Or also combinations of years, like 2017.

The number 7 hopefully indicates that your financial news will be good, but it may also indicate 7 days until the news, or 7 weeks, or 7 months. This could be the time that your investments have been waiting to take off, or the time it takes for the financial news to get to you. 7 may be in the numbers of the investment itself or it could be 7 years of investing that got you to where you are able to put the investment towards something new

The number 7 as it relates to this pairing may mean that your talents do not go unappreciated. The people around you who need your talents are grateful that you have a problem saying “no”. However, it is ok to say “no” when you have a full plate.

Action Items for Today

Before you decide to take on any new projects, be sure that you are able and up for the task. Luck and fortune is on your side with this numerology and pairing. Even though burden comes with taking on big projects, the reward is usually worth the price. You will find that if you commit to the work and see it out that you will feel power in what you have accomplished. You will find that you can do more than you originally thought you could do and find that you grow and learn in the process.


“I know that people around me are grateful for the talent I have to offer. When I decide to take on a project, I will see it through with pride. I understand that it is always ok to say “no” if I know that the burden will be too great.” Say this in the mirror once daily throughout the week.

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