Star & Tower

#16 - The Stars

The Stars card is generally indicative of technology and computers. It may describe cell phones, computers, or a change in advancing technology for you or someone else. It may be specific towards you or general to your business, office, home, or the whole civilization. It may indicate navigation, a new path or trail, or some kind of clear skies and smooth passage ahead. It can also indicate transparency, clarity, or the sky becoming clear and every star in the sky becoming visible. It directly refers to astrology and being able to see the sky. It may also refer to natural talent, superstars, talent competitions, and rising celebrities or stars. Magicians and geniuses are referenced by the stars card. This card, and the stars, are most often associated with the color silver. It may also be indicating the north, as in the north star, or the directional star on a compass or map. It may point to technology ahead, a smooth journey ahead, or a clear path with the navigation and plan completely in place. It may refer to reaching for the stars and your journey to fame, genius, and accolades. For some people, the stars card could be referring to the skin, treatment, medication, or healing. In some cases it may reference radiation, chemotherapy, or any technological advances in medicine. Relish the stars card, as it generally means that the skies are going to part for you soon to succeed. Everything will become clear to you all at once, and all of the things that you have been doing to advance your craft will not have been for nothing. All of the hard work is about to manifest itself for youand you will soon find your path to greatness. There is nothing but a rise to the top ahead for you.

#19- The Tower

The tower is often depicted as a tall tower, shaped like the letter A, with a large bottom and a tiny top and scaffolding across the middle to link the two slanted sides. It often looks like the Eiffel tower, as pictured here, unlike a tall and round tower made from bricks that you’d see in castles described in fairy tales, but it’s meant to be no specific tower. The tower symbolism often conveys ideas of corporations, large buildings, skyscrapers, royalty, people in power. It may even refer to schools, the military, or some type of large institution. It can call forth feelings of standards, hierarchy, ego, class, and social and financial status or limitations. We often automatically think that a farm or countryside indicates people of poor financial status, while a tower, apartment building, or penthouse may indicate people with a wealthy financial status. The 1980’s television program “The Jeffersons” talked about “moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky” in the theme song and theme of the program. Health wise, a tower could indicate the bones, spine, back or neck. It may even indicate that you should be quarantined, like Rapunzel, or some kind of maiden who is locked up inside a tower. The Jehovah’s Witnesses use a “Watchtower” as a name of their newspaper and literary magazine, which indicates how important they see it as.

A tower card usually indicates that you will begin to rise up or move up throughout your work and social life. This may be isolated — your friends and family may not make this rise or benefit from this rise with you. This may lead to strife among your partner and you, or friends and yourself. Make sure that you are prepared for this strife and potential jealousy. Do everything that you can to make sure that this promotion or positive change will not isolate you from the people who love you and try to help you on a daily basis.

Star & Tower Pairing

Because the Star can refer to your skills in a workplace, technology and standing out, and the Tower referring to a moving up or rising in your work or social life, these two cards together means that something you have been working hard on is finally going to take flight. It looks like others may notice your value at work or even be envious of your talents. It could be that all of the time and extra that you have invested in your work finally paying off and leading to a promotion or raise. These two cards together are very favorable and symbolize positive growth in your life.


The Star is represented by the number 16, and the Tower is represented by the number 19. When we combine them we get the number 35. Since 35 is not a single digit we then add 3 + 5 to get the number 8.

The Number 8

People with the lucky number 8 have strong intuition and insight, and they have the keen ability to explore things uncovered or undiscovered, like undiscovered talents or abilities that may be lying within. The number eight is seen as super lucky by many cultures, the Chinese culture being one in particular. The Chinese will go out of their way to include number 8’s in their name numerology, home and business addresses, telephone numbers, and web addresses. Some addresses including the number 8 are so sought after that millions of dollars are paid just to get the maximum number of 8’s possible. Part of this is because the number 8 is pronounced Ba, and is very close to the word Fa, for wealth and fortune. As an example of the Chinese’s amazing devotion to the number 8 — the Olympic games hosted in Beijing commenced at exactly 8 o’clock and 8 minutes on the 8th day of the 8th month in 2008. Do you know your lucky numbers?

Action Items for Today

The stars are aligned a this time in regards to your luck. If you feel you haven’t been showing off your talents at work, now is the time to shine as brightly as possible. Your talents will not go unnoticed. This could put you in the best position for that raise or promotion. It is important to get out there and do what you do best. Someone is looking to utilize your specific talent and it is sure to take you soaring to the top.


“I will use my talents to shine in the workplace. The lucky stars are aligned just for me and I will not miss out on the opportunity to rise. I realize that there will be people around me who may show a little jealousy and I am prepared to be humble and gracious about my fortunate situations.” Say this affirmation in the mirror 2 times daily this week.

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