Tree & Bear

Tree and Bear


#5 - The Tree

The tree is one of the most powerful symbols in our everyday lives. We see trees everywhere. It’s a yoga pose, a symbol of life, we even chart our families with trees and their branches. Trees represent earth’s circle of life. Without the soil and water from our Earth, they would surely die. Without them, animals and beings wouldn’t have air to breathe. The tree is one of the most important life giving plants in almost every culture. A tree is strong, grows tall, and is rooted into the ground.Trees are also symbolic of ritual, forest, spells, and different types of magic or magick.

A card with an image of a tree indicates that you are beginning to spread your branches. It may symbolize a baby that is about to come and that your family is beginning to grow. It may even symbolize multiple babies, children, or twins. A tree may also indicate that you will begin to branch out in your career and in the professional sense. You may be about to step out of your comfort zone and begin accepting new challenges. Additionally, a tree could mean that you need to take a look at the life you’ve built and make sure the roots are sturdy. Do you have a water source that is not the clearest? Have you been true to your faith and yourself? Is your root system strong? Do you have a friend that is untrue?

Tyler Perry is a famous actor and comedian based in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, he was raised predominately by southern African-American women, and that’s who many of his characters are based upon. His most famous character, Madea, who is played by himself dressed in women’s clothing, is a combination of everyone’s mother and grandmother. Madea says that friends and relationships are like trees. Some friends, Madea says, are like leaves. They drink our water and hang out on our branches, but they’re gone with the wind. We have thousands of those types of leaves. Some friends are like branches, they’re there for the majority of the time but when things get rough and the storms come, they’re breaking off. We have a couple dozen of those. But our true friends, our brothers and sisters, are our roots. They come few and far between, and they’ll never leave us no matter what happens until our dying day.

#15 - The Bear

The Bear is often a sign of finances, either good or bad. Just as wall street has the bull and bear markets, so too speaks the bear card. It’s kind of ironic, because in the stock industry the bull is good and the bear is bad, but as there isn’t a bull card, the bear stands for finances in general. Specifically, the bear card is a sign that your finances will improve, your resources will pool. It may indicate an upcoming trip to a bank or an ATM, or a future raise. You may win a small lottery prize or a larger sweepstakes. You might be in line to get a surprise bonus or financial windfall that is unexpected. Perhaps you will be named as the heir in an estate or trust. It may also be a reminder that financial troubles may lay ahead, so now is the time to be prudent and to get your financial resources saved up. It may be the time to invest in an annuity, fund, or stock. Now may be the perfect time and chance to make that leap into an investment that you were questioning.

The bear is extremely protective of her youth, and cubs, and there have been thousands of documented cases of people trying to play innocently with bear cubs and getting mauled to death by the mama bear. Just as the mother bear protects her young, you need to watch over your finances and assets, and make sure they continue to grow to their optimum size. The bear can also be referring to your wallet or purse, and the bear card signifies the color brown. Watch your wallet or purse like a hawk. It may be time to get your finances more in order. Make sure you have the bank accounts that are necessary and are working for you. Open a business banking account if you need to, or get another savings account or an online savings account. It may be time to protect your assets physically by investing in a safe or alarm system at home, so that a bear is protecting fiercely your assets. Another meaning of the bear card is that it may be a sign to check out your physicality, including your muscles, torso, and your stomach. The bear may indicate digestive problems or eating disorders as well.

Tree & Bear Pairing

Since the Tree card can refer to spreading your branches and taking on new responsibilities, and the Bear card most likely referring to finances, the two cards together indicates that there will be a huge payoff to the extra work you are taking on. You may find that taking on new projects or responsibilities can sometimes put a temporary strain on finances such as investing in materials or purchasing that lotto ticket. While that may seem negative in the beginning, the card reading in this case suggests that the reward is bigger than the investment.


The Tree is represented by the number 5, and the Bear is represented by the number 15. When we combine them we get the number 20. Since 20 is not a single digit we then add 2 + 0 to get the number 2.

The Number 2

The number two can represent two people, like luck in love. It may also be used to indicate the month of February, the day of 2 or 20 or 22, or the time of 2 o’clock or 2:22, more specifically. It is not surprising that 2 is the month that is luckiest for two people in love, which holds the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Two can mean a pair, and can literally refer to cards and poker, but less literally be addressing the time frame of upcoming luck, or that your riches will double. Two may also be related to your lucky number. Do you know what your lucky numbers are? In a simple way, most people believe that their lucky numbers will bring them riches through a literal sense, and most likely through gambling. These people may try to play the number on a roulette wheel, buy a lottery ticket with the lucky number, or make a bet on an athlete or race horse wearing the number. However, the lucky numbers divined for you can and should be taken much further. You can use these numbers for your wedding date, grand opening date for your business, even as some form of your new home address. You can use your lucky number as a number, or can convert the number to a letter - for example, 2 would refer to the letter B. You can make sure to pump only your lucky number of gas, for example, as well, like $22.22, to increase your fortune on the road.

Action Items for Today

Make sure you look into your safe options when making investments. Taking a chance isn’t always easy to do. Maybe your investment is your precious time and you may feel a little stretched thin. Remember this feeling is temporary and that there is a payoff waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Spend some time organizing your life so that you can carve out the time or investment so that you feel less stressed about moving forward.


“I will continue to think positive thoughts about my future. I will resist the urge to give in to distractions that might make me stray from the paths I am planning to take. I am confident and secure in my decisions to move forward with new paths so that my investments will have plentiful returns.” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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