Tree & Birds

Tree and Birds


#5 - The Tree

The tree is one of the most powerful symbols in our everyday lives. We see trees everywhere. It’s a yoga pose, a symbol of life, we even chart our families with trees and their branches. Trees represent earth’s circle of life. Without the soil and water from our Earth, they would surely die. Without them, animals and beings wouldn’t have air to breathe. The tree is one of the most important life giving plants in almost every culture. A tree is strong, grows tall, and is rooted into the ground.Trees are also symbolic of ritual, forest, spells, and different types of magic or magick.

A card with an image of a tree indicates that you are beginning to spread your branches. It may symbolize a baby that is about to come and that your family is beginning to grow. It may even symbolize multiple babies, children, or twins. A tree may also indicate that you will begin to branch out in your career and in the professional sense. You may be about to step out of your comfort zone and begin accepting new challenges. Additionally, a tree could mean that you need to take a look at the life you’ve built and make sure the roots are sturdy. Do you have a water source that is not the clearest? Have you been true to your faith and yourself? Is your root system strong? Do you have a friend that is untrue?

Tyler Perry is a famous actor and comedian based in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, he was raised predominately by southern African-American women, and that’s who many of his characters are based upon. His most famous character, Madea, who is played by himself dressed in women’s clothing, is a combination of everyone’s mother and grandmother. Madea says that friends and relationships are like trees. Some friends, Madea says, are like leaves. They drink our water and hang out on our branches, but they’re gone with the wind. We have thousands of those types of leaves. Some friends are like branches, they’re there for the majority of the time but when things get rough and the storms come, they’re breaking off. We have a couple dozen of those. But our true friends, our brothers and sisters, are our roots. They come few and far between, and they’ll never leave us no matter what happens until our dying day.

#12 - The bird

Birds are often a symbol of freedom, or flight. Birds have the ability to go anywhere their heart desires. This may signify upcoming travel or a vacation. You may travel to a distant or a faraway land. You may be taking an airplane on this trip. The symbol of birds on your card may signify that you are moving up in the workplace, and possibly getting a promotion. You’re going to begin to spread your wings and fly. Another possibility is that you’re about to embark on a new journey or leave something or someone behind. Birds can often be symbolic of chirping, chatter, singing or verbal communication. They can represent traveling in packs, or friendship and companionship. It could also indicate that you will soon hear from a sibling or siblings. It is rare that we ever see a bird travel alone. Health wise a bird card may indicate a problem with the vocal chord or voice box. Birds are often symbolic of the color blue, as in bird’s egg blue, or Robin’s blue, or sky blue. A bird may indicate that you will have an upcoming debate, conversation, or verbal negotiation with someone. This may be a televised interview, or may even be a job interview. It may be some kind of deposition or meeting with an attorney, or may be a meeting over coffee or lunch with an old friend. Either way, you can expect that there will be lots of talking and question asking at this event. Birds are not shy about using their beaks, and chirping away, and in return they are able to fly wherever it is that they would like to go. Birds are often thought of as a superstition, but a good one. While bats bring mystery and lurk in the darkness, birds always bring news and opportunities.

Tree & Birds Pairing

When the Tree and the Bird are paired together, their pairing most likely involves family and possibly a new journey. Maybe someone is going off to college or returning home after living in another place for a long time. The bird indicates the sense of freedom. It can be freedom from a burden or it can be freedom to explore. Communication is a big part of this pairing and should be a priority whether it be keeping in touch with each other or just increasing current conversation


The Tree is represented by the number 5, and the Bird is represented by the number 12. When we combine them we get the number 17. Since 17 is not a single digit we then add 1 + 7 to get the number 8.

The Number 8

People with the lucky number 8 have strong intuition and insight, and they have the keen ability to explore things uncovered or undiscovered, like undiscovered talents or abilities that may be lying within. The number eight is seen as super lucky by many cultures, the Chinese culture being one in particular. The Chinese will go out of their way to include number 8’s in their name numerology, home and business addresses, telephone numbers, and web addresses. Some addresses including the number 8 are so sought after that millions of dollars are paid just to get the maximum number of 8’s possible. Part of this is because the number 8 is pronounced Ba, and is very close to the word Fa, for wealth and fortune. As an example of the Chinese’s amazing devotion to the number 8 — the Olympic games hosted in Beijing commenced at exactly 8 o’clock and 8 minutes on the 8th day of the 8th month in 2008. Do you know your lucky numbers?

Action Items for Today

Get excited about the adventures you will be presented with. Work on your communication with loved ones and make sure that you keep everyone in the loop. There is a new journey upon you even if it means not leaving home. Welcome family home with open arms and show off your positive attitude. You may find that your inviting manner may be just what one of your loved ones needs most.


“I will not be afraid of the change that is coming to my life. I am excited about new journeys I will be taking. I know that big changes are difficult and I need to talk things out with my loved ones. My attitude is warm and welcoming just when someone needs me the most.” Repeat this in the mirror each morning this week.

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