Key & Sun

Key and Sun


#33 - Key

The key has a meaning that’s simple to understand. Keys go with locks, and they are the answer to opening them. A key can unlock a door, house, car, trunk, treasure chest, or symbolically, even a person’s heart, mind, or desires.

The key card likely means that you’re about to find the answer that will allow you to unlock or get to the bottom of something that’s been plaguing you or keeping you locked out. The key symbolizes that you will find the answer, find the truth, or uncover the very thing that will allow you to move onto to the next room, or level. It may even mean that you will receive treasure, as keys are often used as a symbol for folks that have won a new car, or on game shows as a way to open up the trunk that’s filled with tons of valuable prizes. If the key doesn’t turn, you lose, and someone else wins the fabulous prize. In old stories of pirates and treasure, the key opened the pirates treasure chest, and you often had to use a treasure map to find where it was buried. Or even more difficult, on which ship it had sunk to the bottom of the ocean with. Also, don’t forget, the Spanish word for island is cay, which loosely translates to Key— so this also could be referencing a place, like an island, or vacation, it’s how the “Florida Keys” received it’s name.

The key symbolizes a solution to something, the mastery of a skill, an achievement, or some kind of break-through or revelation. It could be a physical key made of metal or brass, a plastic key card, like used in a workplace or hotel, an electronic key or pin number, or a pass code. Sometimes you’re not finding a physical key but having a “eureka” moment or that moment where the lightbulb goes off and you’re one hundred percent sure of the answer and what needs to be done to address your problem or your situation. “Key” is the word used to describe the solution to a puzzle, the answer “key”, the mechanical component in a plug or socket that makes it fit or come together correctly, a guide to a map, and an answer to a cryptography algorithm. Health wise, the key can symbolize a cure that has recently been discovered, or a treatment that has produced successful results. The key also usually symbolizes colors that are purple or from the purple family. The timing for the key is November but the key is a unique card in that it really doesn’t have a special timing or set of circumstances. The key can be found at any time, and the key moment can happen anywhere. It’s really about you and when you’re ready, when your mind is ready, when your body and soul all align, and you’re ready for such a breakthrough to occur.

Popular culture references to keys are very common in this day and age. We already talked about how a key is the name or nickname for answers or solutions to puzzles, crosswords, problems, and technical problems. It’s also a fictional mutant character in the Marvel comic universe, the name of a Seinfeld TV episode, and part of a musical instrument made for playing and tuning. Keys are also chords, and very useful to playing music in certain tonic chords and notations. “A key” is almost like it’s own language. Keys are very popular in necklaces, lockets, furniture, and home decor. We have an obsession with problems and there’s nothing better than a solution to a problem— keys represent that solution, the happy ending, the answer to all of our problems.

#31 - Sun

The sun card usually speaks to the image of the sun in all it’s literal glory. It conveys images of energy, heat, warmth, light, and brings to mind hot and tropical locations. You may see the sun and automatically be dreaming of a beach vacation or fishing trip. You may picture yourself wearing a swimsuit and flip flops and drinking a margarita or Mai Tai with your toes in the sand. The sun can also speak to visibility, brightness, energy, and illumination. It is the card for achievers and achievements. It is a victory card. If you’re close to the sun you’re about to reach success, and your brightness can be seen by all of those around you. You shine, you’re glowing with joy, and you cannot hide your accomplishments. You are visible for the world to see. Unsurprisingly, the colors often associated with the sun card are yellow, orange, and gold. Health wise, this card may refer to physical acuity, fitness, energy, or vitamin D, which comes from the sun. It may also be referring to a beach or desert as a location. Sometimes it may even also refer to a fireplace, oven, stove, lamp, light, or other source of heat or light, or both. The sun references the day Sunday. Something may happen on this day, or it may be your special day to shine.

Many of us are fearful of being as bright as we can be or letting our true selves shine. We may have experienced friends who are jealous distancing themselves from us because of their inability to hide their jealousy and anger at their own situations. We may have experienced others, perhaps as children in school, bullying us because we may run faster or perform better in class than them. We’ve all heard about the smart student who grows up to become a millionaire with his scientific research and ideas but who was called a nerd and tormented by other children through grade school. Because of these reasons, we are often scared to be ridiculed or to be in the public eye. We keep our success a secret, we are afraid to be the stars we really are. Icarus flew too close to the sun and was burned, and we do not want our friends to meet the same fate or destiny. But the truth is that our true friends will be just as wonderful as us, smart enough to avoid the flames, and gracious enough to want what’s best for us. They want us to succeed as badly as we want to achieve our dreams. They want us to be happy, and full of light, because that only fulfills their lives as well.

Key & Sun Pairing

When the Key & Sun are seen together, it generally means a challenge will be overcome leading to a victory. This victory may be a raise, monetary compensation, a prize, or it may even mean some type of sunny vacation. The challenge could be a work task, new client, other test, or even a game show appearance. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded with pure sunshine.


The Key is represented by the number 33, and the Sun is represented by the number 31. When we combine them we get the number 64 . Since 64 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 6 + 4 to get the number 10. Then 1 + 0 to get 1.

The Number 1

The number one is so important in our culture. It could have divine reference and be used to depict our Lord or God, depending on what religion we follow. It may symbolize the President, Governor, Mayor, or leader of a country or city. It may be a Principal, teacher, or educator, or some kind of boss. It may symbolize the head of a family, tribe, or community. In sports, number 1 is the very best and the team leader, or player that all other players strive to emulate. “One” can mean first, or best, or a combination of both. The alpha, the beginning. Surely, someone who is number one either has the ability to see the future, or is smart enough to have an idea that something is about to happen. In this case, number one likely refers to the fact that the problem or issue needing resolution will directly affect the person who is number one in your life, meaning yourself. It could also mean that the conflict will revolve around something very important to you. It might signify something that is happening quickly, or prominently in your life. Typically, the number one signifies one minute, one day, one week, one month, or even one year. It could even be trying to represent the month of January, the date 2021, or the time of 1:00PM. The number 1 can also be our expression number. Have you ever heard of your expression number? This is a number that is derived from the letters of our full birth name, and reveals the talents, abilities and shortcomings you hold in this lifetime.

As it relates to the Key and Sun cards, the #1 is likely indicating a prize that has always been on high on your wishlist. As soon as you complete the puzzle or solve the mystery, what you’ve always wanted lurks right around the corner.

Action Items for Today

It is time to focus. Work diligently. Do all of the things that you don’t want to do that need to be done. As soon as you finish the hard work ahead, there is nothing but pure sunshine around the bend. Make sure to forge ahead and do not give up. Victory is ridiculously close. Make sure that you give everything your all and do not get distracted.


“I will continue to work hard and will not allow myself any distractions. The prize is ahead and is within my grasp as long as I do not fall victim to temptation. I need to do everything that I can to be the best that I can be this week, and I will be duly rewarded for my sacrifice..” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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