Clover & Ship

Clover and Ship


#2 - Clover

The clover card depicts the symbol of a three leaf clover, four leaf clover, or sometimes an entire patch of clover. We’re used to seeing the symbolism of clover in our society, so it should be no surprise to you that this symbol stands for luck. Examples of this symbol can be seen everywhere in modern society, including Good Luck Bear, the Care Bear cartoon character that is a bear with a green four leaf clover on his belly, and just about any St. Patrick’s Day, Luck of the Irish, or Leprechaun illustration. Trefoil is another name for the clover. You can also see the quatrefoil, a four petaled clover, as an ancient symbol has been popping up throughout fashion in such brands as Van Cleef & Arpels, for example. The quatrefoil reached a peak popularity in the Gothic and Renaissance eras, both in design and architecture, but it really began to be seen much earlier, in the earliest of Mayan communities. Even then it was a good luck symbol, of rain to come, and fertile lands. This clover indicates that you will soon come across a good deal of luck and fortune. It could be referring to luck in a spiritual sense, or it could be referring to the more standard luck definition of physical assets, money, or fame.

#3 - The Ship

The ship card depicts a large water vessel, sails fully outstretched, moving across the seas. The boat or ship is one of the most easily discernible symbols, and from first glance it reminds us of stories of travel that we’ve heard from childhood. The ship represents a real life voyage to a far away destination, a journey that may even bring to the traveler riches or cargo from a far away land. The ship card may also refer to a long-lost love returning to you, or exciting news from someone you haven’t heard from in a very long time. You may even clean out a garage, basement, or forgotten closet and find a “message in a bottle.” Just like looking forward to an upcoming trip, the ship card indicates that you will put hopes or resources into an opportunity and hope for a positive return. It may even be a new business venture or partnership, even an impending marriage. In a literal sense, it may even refer to an upcoming cruise or fishing expedition. Most of the time, though, the ship card is speaking to the journey ahead and the joys and souvenirs it will bring. Life is a journey and not solely about the destination, so as the French would say, Bon Voyage! It’s time to break that bottle of wine against the side of the ship and take off on an amazing adventure.

Clover & Ship Pairing

Good News comes from far away! These two cards received together is a very lucky pairing. When the Clover is combined with the Ship, it could mean that you will get news that you have won a vacation or that someone asks you to take a fun trip with them. A relaxing voyage of some sort may be in your near future.


The Clover is represented by the number 2, and the Ship is represented by the number 3. When we combine them we get the number 5.

The Number 5

Five is the number of days in a standard work week. It’s the number of fingers on hands and feet. Without even one toe, we have trouble walking. Without even one finger, we have trouble using our hands. Our roots are important and our feet are the foundation upon which our body stands and grows tall. Protect them. Five may indicate 5:00, the month of May, Friday, or the letter E. In Chinese culture, the number 5 represents the elements: water, fire, metal, earth, and wood. In the case of the Clover and the Ship, the number 5 may directly relate to the number of days that a message will come to your or that your vacation or voyage will be for a 5 day duration.

Action Items for Today

Action Items for Today -- Look through your mail and make sure you haven’t missed any news that you may have won a trip or post card from someone far away. Luck is on your side right now and a vacation of some sort may be just what you need. Make some phone calls to some friends you haven’t seen in some time because they are waiting to hear from you as well.


“I will think positively about my luck in the weeks to come. I am planning some time for rest and relaxation so that my life can get back to a balanced state. Luck is at my door and I am ready to open it and step into adventure. I will take a minute or two this week to call some friends that I haven’t talked in a few months.” Say this affirmation 2 times daily as a reminder.

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