Ring & House

Ring and House


#25 - Ring

A ring is the shape of a circle, basically, it’s as simple as that. This is not a complicated symbol. It is a symbol in the shape of a circle, with no beginning and no end. It continues upon itself forever. Although there is no reference to what a ring is made of in its definition, throughout culture, we have attached a metallic feel to the ring, that it must be constructed in metal in order to be a ring. The symbol of a ring has also gained romantic symbolism, possibly because of it’s eternal shape and powerful role in ceremonies of marriage and anniversary. A ring is the symbol that one gives when proposing marriage, rings are traded when the marriage ceremony occurs, and often given as anniversary gifts. Rings are often inscribed with the initials of lovers or a special date, like the name of a child, wedding date, or birthdate. Rings are seen hand and hand with love, and have very special meaning and symbolism. You would never give a ring as a gift to a person for whom you did not have some kind of romantic interest, unless it was a family member, heirloom, or some other kind of special circumstance. Rings are not just for anyone in your life. Rings are forever, and a symbol, basically, of eternity, or eternal love

A ring is the symbol of a marriage, of a contract, it is a bond. It can also be seen as an asset, as rings are predominantly cast in precious metals of platinum, gold, or silver, and adorned in diamonds or precious gemstones. Thinking of a ring might lead a person to the idea of a jeweler, protection, a safe, a vault, or assets in general. As health is concerned, the ring can call into question the systems that make a circle upon themselves. The vascular system, or lymphatic system, for example, are systems in the body that start where they begin, and must continue to function in this manner for us to live. The ring usually invokes the colors gold or silver. The timing that a ring indicates is forever. In the popular movie trilogy “The Lord of The Rings”, based on a series of books written in the 1950’s, the entire series revolves around the main characters coming across a ring with mythical and magical powers, and what they must do to keep it out of the hands of evil, forever.

#4 - House

From childhood, as we play with crayons and paper, one of the first images we all learn to draw is a stick figure person standing next to a house. This house may have clouds and a sun in the sky, and a beautiful green grass garden, with flowers blooming throughout. Regardless, it always has windows, a door, a roof, and four walls. All of our drawings and all of our kids drawings of houses, although different, mostly look exactly the same. The house is one of the most symbolic things to us from the start. It’s right up there with a heart, a clover, a smiley face, and a cross. The house is our home. It is the place where we feel comfortable. It is the place where we lay our heads at night. It is where we shelter our families, pets, and earthly belongings. It’s a very big deal to turn over a key to our significant other, or to move a spouse into our home. The act of doing this represents not only just a change in living environment, but a new change in life stages altogether.

A house card can indicate that we feel unstable in our lives, or that that stability is likely to come to us shortly in the future. It may bring up feelings of safety, security, and the ability or inability to save finances. We may feel like our household is behind on chores, bills, and financial obligations. Homes are often the first way we describe someone’s wealth. We describe people as living in a farmhouse, or shack, or a mansion. We rarely ever just say that someone has a house unless we are describing when they first move into it or buy it. Homes to us are literally our shelter against the rain, our protection against the cold, and our barrier against outsiders. Figuratively homes represent our success, our failure, and our projects ahead.

Receiving this card is a likely sign that you will continue to build on your stability, and your success, and that your shelter will continue to grow. It may also mean that there is a crack in your foundation and you need to repair it so that your four walls can stay strong and continue to be built upon. It is strongly advised when receiving a house card that you double check all facets of your life, love, career, family, and friends — to make sure that the foundation is stable and there are no cracks that have gone too long without maintenance.

Ring & House Pairing

When the Ring and House are paired together it's generally a sign that you will become committed to a new living arrangement. This could be moving in with a new roommate or friend, cohabitation with a new partner, or buying a new house.


The Ring is represented by the number 25, and the House card is represented by the number 4. When we combine them we get the number 29. Since 29 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 2 + 9 to get the number 11. Then we add 1 + 1 to get 2.

The Number 2

The number two can represent two people, like luck in love. It may also be used to indicate the month of February, the day of 2 or 20 or 22, or the time of 2 o’clock or 2:22, more specifically. It is not surprising that 2 is the month that is luckiest for two people in love, which holds the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Two can mean a pair, and can literally refer to cards and poker, but less literally be addressing the time frame of upcoming luck, or that your riches will double. Two may also be related to your lucky number. Do you know what your lucky numbers are? In a simple way, most people believe that their lucky numbers will bring them riches through a literal sense, and most likely through gambling. These people may try to play the number on a roulette wheel, buy a lottery ticket with the lucky number, or make a bet on an athlete or race horse wearing the number. However, the lucky numbers divined for you can and should be taken much further. You can use these numbers for your wedding date, grand opening date for your business, even as some form of your new home address. You can use your lucky number as a number, or can convert the number to a letter - for example, 2 would refer to the letter B. You can make sure to pump only your lucky number of gas, for example, as well, like $22.22, to increase your fortune on the road.

The number 2 in combination with this card pairing indicates that you must work with your partner on all of the decisions revolving about your new living situation.

Action Items for Today

Be careful about housing decisions you make this week or month as they could become more permanent than you think. Choose each step carefully, for your home is the biggest foundation for success in the rest of your life.


Affirmation --"I will take extreme caution when deciding where to lay my head, because home is more than a place, it's a feeling, and I know that my entire life's happiness is dependent upon a solid home foundation.” Repeat this affirmation 2 to 3 times daily.

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