Fox & Birds

Fox and Birds


#14 - Fox

The fox is a sly and wily creature. She always is prepared for every situation and three steps ahead of everyone around her. She is alert, agile, and able. Above all other things, the fox is crafty and knows how to make the best of a bad situation. She thinks outside the box and uses whatever resources she has at her disposal to find a solution. You may get a fox card if you are about to get really smart about a certain situation or make a wise decision. It may be encouraging you to think like a fox and make that decision. Foxes are team players, but not at the detriment of themselves, so you should consider yourself first and foremost in this decision. A fox card may also be a sign that you may be robbed or swindled in the near future so take extra precautions when alone or in dangerous situations and make sure you are also super aware of your surroundings. A fox may be representative of a police station or lawyer’s office as well. The color most associated with a fox card, unsurprisingly, is the color red.

Foxes are often synonymous with arts and crafts, as being crafty, and generally indicate someone who is creative. You may need to think of a creative solution to a problem that has been plaguing you where another decision has not presented itself. For example, if you have a meeting where one person cannot attend, you may have to move that meeting to that person’s location. Or, you may have to multitask or compromise between two vested interests. Make sure that you keep yourself well protected and you serve your best interests first. Only then can you look out for the cubs and other animals within the Foxes’ den.

#12 - The Bird

Birds are often a symbol of freedom, or flight. Birds have the ability to go anywhere their heart desires. This may signify upcoming travel or a vacation. You may travel to a distant or a faraway land. You may be taking an airplane on this trip. The symbol of birds on your card may signify that you are moving up in the workplace, and possibly getting a promotion. You’re going to begin to spread your wings and fly. Another possibility is that you’re about to embark on a new journey or leave something or someone behind. Birds can often be symbolic of chirping, chatter, singing or verbal communication. They can represent traveling in packs, or friendship and companionship. It could also indicate that you will soon hear from a sibling or siblings. It is rare that we ever see a bird travel alone. Health wise a bird card may indicate a problem with the vocal chord or voice box. Birds are often symbolic of the color blue, as in bird’s egg blue, or Robin’s blue, or sky blue. A bird may indicate that you will have an upcoming debate, conversation, or verbal negotiation with someone. This may be a televised interview, or may even be a job interview. It may be some kind of deposition or meeting with an attorney, or may be a meeting over coffee or lunch with an old friend. Either way, you can expect that there will be lots of talking and question asking at this event. Birds are not shy about using their beaks, and chirping away, and in return they are able to fly wherever it is that they would like to go. Birds are often thought of as a superstition, but a good one. While bats bring mystery and lurk in the darkness, birds always bring news and opportunities.

Fox & Birds Pairing

The Fox paired with the Birds is usually an indication that some newfound knowledge will set you free. This could be information that leads to a trip or new career path. It may also mean that information that has come to light makes you abandon a current relationship or friendship.


The Fox is represented by the number 14, and the Bird is represented by the number 12. When we combine them we get the number 26. Since 26 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 2 + 6 to get the number 8.

The Number 8

People with the lucky number 8 have strong intuition and insight, and they have the keen ability to explore things uncovered or undiscovered, like undiscovered talents or abilities that may be lying within. The number eight is seen as super lucky by many cultures, the Chinese culture being one in particular. The Chinese will go out of their way to include number 8’s in their name numerology, home and business addresses, telephone numbers, and web addresses. Some addresses including the number 8 are so sought after that millions of dollars are paid just to get the maximum number of 8’s possible. Part of this is because the number 8 is pronounced Ba, and is very close to the word Fa, for wealth and fortune. As an example of the Chinese’s amazing devotion to the number 8 — the Olympic games hosted in Beijing commenced at exactly 8 o’clock and 8 minutes on the 8th day of the 8th month in 2008. Do you know your lucky numbers?

When it comes to the Fox and the Bird, the number eight may speak of the period of time in which the information in learned or the change will happen. It may also bring you luck to your situation.

Action Items for Today

Today you should continue to get to know your friends and make it your business to learn everything about them. If a friend has been shady or has withheld information from you it might be a time now to inquire why. If they are withholding it from you for a reason this could be detrimental to your future to not find out the reason right now


“I will learn everything I can about my friends and will use the information wisely. I will not act aggressively or rudely, but will just have a treasure trove of information that I will use to protect myself. It’s always better to keep your friends close and your enemies closer .” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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