Fox & Dog

Fox and Dog


#14 - Fox

The fox is a sly and wily creature. She always is prepared for every situation and three steps ahead of everyone around her. She is alert, agile, and able. Above all other things, the fox is crafty and knows how to make the best of a bad situation. She thinks outside the box and uses whatever resources she has at her disposal to find a solution. You may get a fox card if you are about to get really smart about a certain situation or make a wise decision. It may be encouraging you to think like a fox and make that decision. Foxes are team players, but not at the detriment of themselves, so you should consider yourself first and foremost in this decision. A fox card may also be a sign that you may be robbed or swindled in the near future so take extra precautions when alone or in dangerous situations and make sure you are also super aware of your surroundings. A fox may be representative of a police station or lawyer’s office as well. The color most associated with a fox card, unsurprisingly, is the color red.

Foxes are often synonymous with arts and crafts, as being crafty, and generally indicate someone who is creative. You may need to think of a creative solution to a problem that has been plaguing you where another decision has not presented itself. For example, if you have a meeting where one person cannot attend, you may have to move that meeting to that person’s location. Or, you may have to multitask or compromise between two vested interests. Make sure that you keep yourself well protected and you serve your best interests first. Only then can you look out for the cubs and other animals within the Foxes’ den.

#18- Dog

The dog is a symbol of loyalty, friendship, and trust. This may indicate your very best friend in the whole world, or at the very least someone extremely close to you. This may even be your romantic partner, spouse, or someone else you’re extremely intimate with. The color most often associated with the dog card is brown

The dog card may also indicate that you need to handle a trying or stressful situation in a better way. Dogs are always loyal and trusting but they don’t cast judgement on others, they aren’t rude or aggressive generally without reason. There’s a children’s story about a man who comes home from work, he’s had a horrible day and as soon as he walks through the door of his home, he takes his anger out on his wife, who has done nothing wrong and is therefore upset about the way the husband has treated her. She takes out her anger by being rude to the oldest child, and criticizing her for something she did a week prior. The oldest child is upset because the mom unfairly punished her, and then punches the youngest child for no reason. The little boy cries about the abuse, when the family dog approaches him to say hello, and he therefore kicks the dog. The dog immediately jumps on the boy and gives him love and affection. While everyone else took out their anger on the next smallest thing, the dog didn’t even hesitate before returning to the boy and licking the child in the face. Dogs are optimistic creatures and are steadfastly loyal, no matter what the consequences to them. Dogs are tried and true and continue on their steady path regardless of what is going on around them.

Fox & Dog Pairing

When the fox and dog are seen together in cards, it could mean that your friend is learning new knowledge about you or your relationship. This may be after an intense chat or conversation, or perhaps even a trip together. This could also mean that your friend will betray you, or has been deceiving you. This could be negative, or it could also mean that your friend is withholding information from you on purpose, such as to surprise you.


The Fox is represented by the number 14, and the Dog is represented by the number 18. When we combine them we get the number 32. Since 32 isn’t a single digit number, we add the 3 + 2 to get the number 5.

The Number 5

Five is the number of days in a standard work week. It’s the number of fingers on hands and feet. Without even one toe, we have trouble walking. Without even one finger, we have trouble using our hands. Our roots are important and our feet are the foundation upon which our body stands and grows tall. Protect them. Five may indicate 5:00, the month of May, Friday, or the letter E. In Chinese culture, the number 5 represents the elements: water, fire, metal, earth, and wood.

When it comes to the fox and dog cards, the number five reminds you that it is important to have a strong foundation with your friends of trust, understanding, and knowledge - so that you will never be betrayed by them in the future.

Action Items for Today

Today you should get to know your friends better. This may mean reaching out to a good friend and suggesting a lunch or dinner date, or perhaps even a trip or retreat. For a new acquaintance, this may be something as simple as a chat, coffee, or even a text message exchange.


“I will learn everything I can about my friends and encourage them to do the same for me, so that we can face any future challenges together. I will trust that my friends will keep knowledge or information from me only for my own benefit..” Repeat this 2 or 3 times per day in a mirror for this entire week.

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