Your Tarot Card of the Day: Temperance

❝Time for a Software Upgrade❞


Temperance is here to say that things are calming down as you download the latest software on the How To Get Along & Live A Good Life app. If only there was an app like that!

Things have been a bit rough around the edges for the last while. And by things I mean you. It’s as if a bug got into your software and recoded everything you thought you knew. Luckily there’s a security update available from the universe right now. And even though it might feel like more malware - there’s definitely something to learn from this whole experience.

Software updates from the universe mean you’re bound to have deep and insightful moments where things just click into place in your brain. But right now there’s a bug on the loose in there. There’s some malware or code error that’s causing you to become hot-headed and impulsive. Temperance has appeared to tell you that if you want to download the new software, you’re going to have to learn to calm your temper and urges.

A little bit of something can be a good thing, but overdoing things is not a good idea right now. You might feel the need to work harder, or to relax more. You may feel like you need to enforce your boundaries as hard lines, or you may feel like boundaries are quite useless and you don’t need them. The point is, until now you’ve been swinging between two extremes, instead of finding a happy balance.

Time for a Software Update

You’ve been wanting things your own way the last while. Which isn’t always a bad thing. Except that it feels like nothing is quite right, even if it went the way you thought you wanted it to go. If you’re living with someone this has inevitably led to some disagreements or tension. Luckily you can change all that. If you download the software update by calming yourself down and finding a middle ground inside yourself you’ll be able to make a lot of progress and even mend a few bridges.

You do need to take the time to look inside yourself and heal those traumas that are causing you to act out - that’s the biggest part of this software update. Do whatever you need to do to rewire your brain right now and you’ll soon start to see things clearly again. But if you pretend like nothing’s wrong you’re bound to lose touch with the people closest to you.

It’s Now or Never

You’re losing touch with reality a bit. You’re acting out of character. Maybe your friends have shared their concerns. Or maybe you’re just really good at hiding your problems. Point is, you’re not in your right mind and it’s been showing in the way you behave yourself.

Now is a good time to take a sobering look at your life. Is it like you wanted? If not, what can you start improving? And, on a deeper level, why haven’t you started improving it yet? This particular software update is about fixing the way your brain acts out when something isn’t the way you wanted it.

It’s going to take some real effort from you though. Luckily, once you’ve healed this trauma you’ll start to feel more in tune with yourself, and you’ll attract a healthier life and relationships.

Let’s face it. Something hasn’t been quite right for the last while. You’ve been acting out of sorts and that’s because there was a bug in the last How To Get Along & Live A Good Life app. It’s time to get a brand new software update. But you keep refusing the offer to heal some damaged parts of yourself. You’re probably scared of what you might uncover. And who wouldn’t be?

But imagine your life if this software update goes well. What if you could let go of the bad habits that have been taking over your life - forever! Well, it’s entirely possible if you learn to be more kind, patient and strict with yourself. If you put a little bit of effort in and start to improve yourself and stay cool and level-headed the universe will be able to erase that bug that’s been bothering you.

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