Your Tarot Card of the Day: Six of Cups

❝Erase All Your Credit❞

Six of Cups

If you’re drowning in loans and credit today is your lucky day! The Six of Cups is here to let you know that your credit is about to be erased and your credit score is about to climb:

All six cards are about manifesting something fantastic in the material world and the Six of Cups is no different. The card itself shows a little boy giving a little girl a cup filled with flowers. In today’s reading, you can imagine that cup of flowers as a welcome bunch of money that’s coming your way.

Yes, today is all about erasing your credit and upping your credit score. It’s about figuring out how money really works. And even though you might be in a lot of debt right now, don’t worry. Things are about to get a whole lot better for you. Cup cards aren’t always about money, but this card is all about remembering how things were when you were younger. And because it’s a six card it can also show you how you never worried about money as a child.

That’s right, things like credit and debt never bothered you as a child - so why is it bothering you now? Are you scared of losing everything you’ve worked so hard for? Or is the idea that you have to work to sustain yourself the thing that makes you scared of having too much credit? The truth is, you don’t have to worry about money - everything always sorts itself out. So you can relax and let the universe take care of you just like your parents or older siblings did when you were a kid.

Credit is Necessary

You need a credit score. Even if you think you don’t, building a good credit score is one of the things you need in today’s world. You can’t put a mortgage down on a house without a good credit score. You can’t build a happy future without getting into some kind of debt. But getting caught up in that mindset can become very stressful.

Cup cards are all about resolving emotions and this cup card is no different. So if you’re scared of building a good credit score that might be something you need to look into. If you’re scared of buying a house, for example, look at all the reasons you have to be scared. Are there even any real reasons for you to be scared?

Living your life in fear is taking its toll on the way you’re experiencing the world. Remember, everything you think creates certain actions and those actions create certain events in your life. That’s how manifesting works - and four cards are all about manifesting. Luckily you have a chance to change all that today. Even if you’re so deep in debt you don’t know what to do you can turn all of that around from here on out.

Turning Bad Credit into Good Value

If you’re stuck in a bad credit loop the Four of Cups is here to let you know that now is the time to turn all of that around. You have to start looking at where you’re spending all your money and what you can do to pay back at least some of your loans. Being in debt is getting you down and if you don’t find a way out of your downward spiral soon you’re going to be in more trouble than you have time for.

Sometimes it’s very easy to whip out your credit card for groceries because you think you need the essentials. But how essential is it to have the prime cut instead of the stewing meat? How essential is it to eat empty carbs instead of stockpiling on something that has more nutritional value? How essential is it to get take-out instead of cooking a cheap meal at home?

There are a lot of places you could save if you just take the chance to look a bit harder. There’s an old saying “don’t live beyond your means” and that’s exactly what this card is all about. You can’t expect to solve your money issues if you keep living like a king on a salary that can’t support it. So have a look at all the places you can save and soon you’ll start to see that you can get by on much less than you thought you could.

The bottom line is that the Four of Cups is the universe’s way of saying you have more than enough. You don’t have to worry about money as long as you spend what you have wisely.

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