Your Tarot Card of the Day: The The Lovers

❝Trading up in the World❞

The Lovers

This card is usually a good omen. It doesn’t necessarily mean love or relationships, but rather a better relationship with the world around you because you’re at peace within yourself. Trading ideas and communicating becomes a lot easier when your inner voice is quiet and in tune with what you want for your life.

With The Lovers trading up for more inner peace is more possible than usual. You’re naturally drawn towards self reflection and harmony. That means you can easily agree to the best path for yourself in life, because your male and female energies are in sync. This has a very positive effect on your relationships in general though.

Trading for Peace

Right now you’re doing everything you can to live a good life - and it shows. You’re satisfied with where you are. You feel comfortable and you feel driven - that’s your male and female energies working together in perfect harmony. This trading of strengths is showing up in your external world too.

Whether you’ve been consciously trading for peace, or whether you’ve been making your boundaries clear and taking your opportunities unconsciously. Your life has become a lot more relaxed and flows more naturally. You feel at peace. And trading that peace with others is definitely helping you to feel even more peaceful.

Now is a great time to schedule some quality time with the people that matter in your life. If you can, plan a weekend getaway. If trading so much time is a problem, plan a day-cation somewhere close. Make it fun. Make sure you get to unwind and have a good time.

You have a chance to take a breath in your life right now. Things aren’t tense, and even if they are, the tension is easily broken. Your channels of communication are flowing freely with everyone in your life. And that’s really helping you to keep trading good ideas and making a mark.

Keep in mind that trading is the name of the game though. Just because your life is flowing fine doesn’t mean that everyone else’s is. Keep that in mind when you start chatting away to your favorite people. You may need to tone it down a bit not to offend anyone or make it sound like you’re just bragging.

Don’t let them get you Down

Your life is in perfect sync right now. Things are going really well for you. You’re confident and getting things done. And that’s attracting a whole lot of attention. Just keep in mind that the attention you’re getting might not be the best thing for you right now.

Trading in your dreams for someone else’s just to keep the peace is a very real possibility with new people you meet during this time. Everything feels so perfect in the beginning, but pretty soon you’re trading everything you’ve got just to keep someone else’s dream alive.

You don’t have to become stuck-up, or a hermit… But what you do need to do is realize that what you’re feeling now is butterflies because of how incredible you’re doing at following your own path. You’re going to need to stay focused on yourself and your own goals if you really want to make the most of The Lovers’ energy. Be careful that you aren’t trading too much of yourself for the sake of others.

You’re very happy with yourself and your life right now. So take advantage of that. This is a great time to talk to people and interact with the world in general. Your energy is trading with the universe at a higher level, so you have more influence than you may realize. But remember to keep trading for peace.

This period could end very suddenly, and then you might be uncomfortable with where you find yourself. If you aren’t careful you can get swept up in the current of good feelings. And who knows where you’ll find yourself. Stay balanced and receptive to what the world around you is trying to say. Have mindful fun and stay on course by trading up for more peace and prosperity.

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