Your Tarot Card of the Day: Four of Wands

❝ Transfer Your Energy❞

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is all about learning how to transfer your energy from negative to positive thoughts to create a bright and happy future:

The card itself shows a man and woman celebrating a marriage. And while you might not be getting married any time soon, you can rest assured that things are going to turn from boring to exciting very soon. Your whole life is about to become a celebration as you transfer your energy from negative thoughts to more positive goals.

Yes, the time has come to start making some big changes in the way you think about your life. It’s time to go from unhappy and gloomy to bright and sunny. You know you have what it takes to make the transfer, but with the Four of Wands you know that the universe is behind you every step of the way.

This transfer is going to take a bit of time. But it will be worth every ounce of effort you put in. As long as you follow all the steps you’ll be on your way to a fun-filled future. But what are those steps? How do you transfer your energy from negative to positive? And what exactly is the fun thing the universe has in store for you?

The Negative to Positive Transfer

You need to learn how to control your thoughts and ride the waves of your emotions if you want to master the art of transferring your energy from negative to positive. Your thoughts and emotions show exactly what type of energy you’re holding onto. If you keep holding onto negative energy instead of transferring your energy into positive energy you’re going to miss out on what the Four of Wands has on offer for you today.

The Four of Wands is all about love and good times. You want that type of energy to transfer into your life, don’t you? Well, to get that energy transfer you’re going to have to do some inner work. You’re going to have to learn that not everything you think and feel is true. Life is all about perception and right now you’re making things out to be worse than they need to be.

It’s okay to feel sad and depressed sometimes. But holding onto those thoughts and emotions aren’t going to help you in the long run. In fact, it’s going to make life a whole lot more difficult to get through. On the other hand, if you learn to transfer those negative experiences into positive lessons you’re going to start feeling a whole lot better about your life and that’s when the positive Four of Wands energy will be able to flow into your life naturally.

Creating a Positive Flow

Four energy is all about building foundations to start doing things differently. Today you need to start taking action by allowing yourself to think more positively about your circumstances and your life in general. You can’t keep clinging onto the negative things and expect your life to change. You need to realize that you’re creating a lot of the negative things that are happening in your life.

The Four of Wands is all about happiness, so start being a little more hopeful. If there are some seriously bad things running through your mind it’s a good idea to tell yourself “stop.” because those thoughts aren’t real. They’re just made-up scenarios that will probably never come true. You’re just clinging onto the negativity. The more you can start looking for the positive things in life the more your thoughts will transfer from negative to positive all on their own.

The Four of Wands will definitely help you to start making the transfer. It can be a very easy process - as long as you remain hopeful. Don’t let your past experiences get you down. You are allowed to be happy. You are allowed to feel loved. Just keep focusing on the positives and soon enough you’ll start building the foundations to a happier and more fulfilling life.

You need to stay strong and not let those negative thoughts rule your experiences. The more you can focus on the positives the more positive experiences you’ll have. That’s how this energy transfer works. So, chin up buttercup - things are only going to get better from here on out.

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