Your Tarot Card of the Day: Five of Swords

❝Loans aren’t a Good Idea❞

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords shows a man running away with swords - and those swords might be very sharp if you aren’t careful:

This card has shown up today to let you know that you might be craving an adventure, but getting loans and living on borrowed money is definitely not a good idea right now! Besides the fact that you’re basically stealing when you get loans of any kind, the Five of Swords is a very clear indicator that you might get your hands chopped off. But luckily not literally.

Getting your hands tied up in loans is definitely not a good idea right now! You need to make sure that you get all your own ducks in a row first. But the five energy of this card makes that a bit difficult. It has a devil-may-care attitude to it - and that’s why you’re contemplating getting a loan of some kind or another.

These loans aren’t just financial - you could be working too hard, you could be neglecting your health, you could be driving yourself crazy by trying to get everything just right… That’s the whole thing about this card - you could be walking away with borrowed time and energy, not just money. So, be very careful how you channel the explorative five energy associated with swords, because you could be cutting off valuable lifelines instead of slaying the dragon that’s got a big hoard of things you really wish you had.

Loans Create Debts

A very big theme in the Five of Swords is that if you take something that isn’t yours you’re bound to end up in trouble. Whether that’s financial trouble or health-related issues - you can’t afford to think that you have time to pay back your debts right now. But that leaves you in a bit of a sticky situation. What if you desperately need a holiday, but you can’t afford one? Do you sacrifice your health and mental wellbeing for your financial status, or do you sacrifice your finances for your wellbeing?

The answer is simple - learn to compromise. There are two swords that are left behind and those are the two to focus on right now. You already have everything you need. And by picking up debts or making loans you’re just going to perpetuate the cycle you’re stuck in. Instead, you need to try and make things easier on yourself by opening up to the idea that parts of your life are based on the energy you wield while you go through those experiences.

For example, you usually go into a situation thinking that things are going to evolve in a certain way. That’s called preconception. And it means you are clinging onto a certain energy which will either be inflated or deflated during the interaction. If you go into a situation with a negative image of how it’s going to play out, you’re much more likely to inflate the negative energy or debt than to agree with the other person. That’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy - in this case you’re fulfilling the prophecy that you have a bad experience during the interaction.

Staying Neutral

Imagine you’re a car. Right now the Five of Swords is revving your engine into the red zone. You need to step on that clutch pedal before your engine burns out. If you’re not familiar with stick shift, that’s the one that saves your engine from blowing up (and makes driving trickier).

But that clutch pedal is there to save your life right now. Your accounts - energetic or physical - cannot go into the red zone right now - there’s too much at stake in the long run. So stop thinking of ways to create debt for yourself and start thinking about ways to improve your energy.

How do you stay in neutral? Well, you start making better decisions for yourself. You set up a priority list. You start ticking off the things like self-care on your to-do list. You do the things that make you happier with the life you’ve already got instead of going on a wild goose chase to try and find the golden eggs that will solve all your problems. Those golden eggs don’t exist. The Five of Swords promises adventure, but at what cost?

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