Your Tarot Card of the Day: The Chariot

❝Your Lawyer is Waiting❞

The Chariot

The Chariot shows that you feel torn. Part of you wants to cut loose and be free from all your ties. The other half of you wants all your needs met with stability and structure. That’s because your ego and animal instincts are busy fighting. One way to get through this time is to use the inner lawyer we were all born with.

Since ancient Greece people have believed that there are three parts to every human. The Id, the Ego, and the SuperEgo. Your Id wants to feel comfortable and relates to physical pleasure. Your Ego wants to improve to be the best at what you do and is linked to the good feeling you get when you do things well. Your Super Ego is your higher self. It’s the part that feels good when you’re doing the right thing, even if that means feeling uncomfortable at the time.

Use your Inner Lawyer

Your Super Ego is like your internal lawyer. It’s the part of you that knows right from wrong and keeps the Id and Ego in check. Your inner lawyer is like the driver of the chariot in the card above.

And that inner lawyer is exactly what you need to use right now before your lower urges take over. At the moment you’re teetering between staying in to graze on snacks all day and dropping everything to go on a wild adventure. This can drive you nuts. So it’s time to call your inner lawyer in, before you make the wrong decision.

Obviously you’re not on peak form right now. On the one hand, you’re lethargic and looking for creature comforts - on the other you want to get out there and show anyone and everyone what you’re made of.

If you don’t take the time to make a plan that satisfies both these needs there’s a very real chance that your Ego is going to come between you and the people closest to you. As you struggle inside yourself your Ego is running around unchecked. You’re probably more demanding than usual aren’t you? Don’t you wish the people in your life would make more of an effort so you feel more secure?

Well, your inner lawyer knows exactly what you really need. You might be afraid to take the next step in your career. Or maybe you need a bit of a reality check, so spending time with friends and family could be a good idea.

You can try scheduling time to work and time to relax. And focus on relaxing and working at the appropriate times. Routine is your friend right now. It will help you to get out of your mind a bit so that your inner lawyer can step in and make sense of the situation.

Stick it Out

Now is not a good time to go out and meet new people. You’re highly likely to be swept off your feet. And the wild horses pulling your chariot could mean that you end up just about anywhere if you trust the wrong person.

The Chariot represents your life. At the moment it’s as if your life is being pulled by two horses, but there is no driver. So they’re just going wherever they like, with no real purpose in mind. You haven’t decided where you want your life to go or how you’re going to get there. In other words, your inner lawyer hasn’t decided what’s best for you. And until you learn to focus on where your life is going, you’re going to be open to all types of crazy suggestions.

Of course, an adventure might be a good thing, if all you’ve been doing is working. What you choose to do now doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s the right choice for you. As soon as you make that decision and your inner lawyer can stand firm in what you really want to do with your life, then you can start investing time in new people.

You’re not yourself right now - or maybe you’re too much yourself. The point is, your life has no real direction or purpose. And that can make you act out in increasingly strange ways. And if you become spooked now, who knows where you’ll end up as your Id and Ego run off like crazed horses that don’t get along.

Your inner lawyer needs to step in. A great way to call him to the courtroom that is your mind is through a routine. Make sure you start to steer your life in a direction that’s good for you. It doesn’t have to be the “right thing for you to do” by other people’s standards. But it does have to be the thing that gives your life more purpose.

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